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a. If the album cannot be opened, use the error icon for both images. b. Otherwise, use the standard album images.
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Working with child jobs
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And it works as desired. Alternatively we could simply type:
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7.3.5 Choosing a scripting language
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} catch (Exception e) { throw new BuildException(e); } } public void setFilename(String filename) { this.filename = filename; } public void setContenttype(String contenttype) { this.contenttype = contenttype; } public void setResourcename(String resourcename) { this.resourcename = resourcename; } public void setUrlproperty(String urlproperty) { this.urlproperty = urlproperty; }
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Shine On: Environment Mapping and Reflections with OpenGL ES
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If this is of interest to you, take a look at Erica Sadun s Ad Hoc Helper (free from the App Store). This tool makes it easier for your beta users to get their UDIDs to you.
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The annotation view goes and looks in its reuse queue to see if there are any views that can be reused if (nil == view) { If there are none, it returns nil - which means we need to create a new one view = [[[MKPinAnnotationView alloc] initWithAnnotation:eqAnn. There are many creative ways to make your annotations appear and be animated with chevrons, bells and whistles, Grateful Dead beads, and so on. You can check out what s out there to make the iCandy portion of your annotations, just as you wish. In this regard, at this point of writing your code the most important step is to review your code for errors using your NSLog debugger; this will determine whether it connects to a server of your choice. Once that is done, it becomes an issue of parsing the XML. Then, the last step is to shop for iCandy for the annotations.
For kicks, and for the sake of completeness, listing 10 shows the fourth solution, which is based on cursors.
The UI element that triggers a process is completely separated from the objects that perform the actions. This enables much more loosely coupled designs. Elements and classes can enlist in command processing without explicitly knowing how or whom to pass commands on to. UI controls can respond to commands visually to give additional cues to the user about what happens. For example, a window could flash after a snapshot command is executed to indicate to the user that a capture took place. Used sparingly, these kinds of cues can greatly enhance understanding of what the application is doing for the user.
Open Search: The future of search
The file information record
[Test] public void Analyze_WebServiceThrows_SendsEmail() { StubService stubService = new StubService(); stubService.ToThrow= new Exception("fake exception"); MockEmailService mockEmail = new MockEmailService(); LogAnalyzer2 log = new LogAnalyzer2(); //we use setters instead of //constructor parameters for easier coding log.Service = stubService; log.Email=mockEmail; string tooShortFileName="abc.ext"; log.Analyze(tooShortFileName); Assert.AreEqual("a",mockEmail.To); Assert.AreEqual("fake exception",mockEmail.Body); Assert.AreEqual("subject",mockEmail.Subject); } } public class StubService:IWebService { ... } public class MockEmailService:IEmailService { ... }
ow that the basic outline of your DiskDiff application is done, it s time to make it better.
Figure 2 9. Press the Globe key to cycle between International Keyboards.
If you are traveling with your iPad, then tap Add International Data and follow the steps in the next section. If you do not want to add the international plan at this time (you can always add it later), then tap Submit to finish.
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