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Demonstration of Google s Ajax-based autocomplete functionality
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Listing 13.5 Indexes not used since last instance restart
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One of the Notes app s convenient features is the ability to email a note, as shown in Figure 23 6. Let s say you wrote a grocery note and wanted to email it to your spouse. From the text of the note, touch the Envelope icon at the bottom of the screen.
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Create a method to be invoked, marking any parameters that should be returned by the EndInvoke method as being ByRef in Visual Basic .NET, ref in C#. This method should perform all of the processing that will be required, or call other methods to perform the processing. Define a delegate that matches the signature of the method that performs the top-level work. Create a method named Begin<action>, such as BeginSort, which accepts any required parameters, along with a reference to an AsyncCallback. This method will create an instance of the delegate associating it with the work method and call BeginInvoke. The results of BeginInvoke should be returned to the caller. Create a method named End<action>, such as EndSort, which accepts an object that implements IAsyncResult along with any needed reference parameters. The signature of this method will look like the delegate defined earlier, with the addition of the IAsyncResult object before any parameters. The return value may differ, if a single result value can be returned. For completeness create a method that invokes an instance of the delegate directly, providing for synchronous processing. This method should be named <action>, such as Sort. 289
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Some rules of thumb about indexes aren t true for covering indexes
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uint value1 = 312; byte value2 = (byte) value1; Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", value2); } } } When an explicit numeric conversion takes place in a checked context, if the source value won t fit in the destination data type, an exception will be thrown. The checked statement creates a block in which conversions are checked for success. Whether a conversion is checked is determined at compile time, and the checked state doesn t apply to code in functions called from within the checked block. Checking conversions for success does have a small performance penalty and therefore may not be appropriate for released software. It can, however, be useful to check all explicit numeric conversions when developing software. The C# compiler provides a /checked compiler option that will generate checked conversions for all explicit numeric conversions. This option can be used while developing software and then can be turned off to improve performance for released software. If the programmer is depending upon the unchecked behavior, turning on /checked could cause problems. In this case, the unchecked statement can indicate that none of the conversions in a block should ever be checked for conversions. It s sometimes useful to be able to specify the checked state for a single statement; in this case, you can specify the checked or unchecked operator at the beginning of an expression: using System; class Test { public static void Main() { uint value1 = 312; byte value2; value2 = unchecked((byte) value1); value2 = (byte) value1; value2 = checked((byte) value1); } } In this example, the first conversion will never be checked, the second conversion will be checked if the /checked statement is present, and the third conversion will always be checked. // never checked // checked if /checked // always checked
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#pragma mark Adding Objects (void) (void) (void) (void) addObject:(id)object; addObjectsFromArray:(CCArray*)otherArray; addObjectsFromNSArray:(NSArray*)otherArray; insertObject:(id)object atIndex:(NSUInteger)index;
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<local:ABSwitcher x:Name="Switcher" Grid.Column="1" Template="{Binding ElementName=TransitionCombo,Path=SelectedItem.Tag}" >
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Sending Messages
Go Get Em
This chapter explains the procedures for implementing MCMS objects, primarily templates and placeholders. This chapter does not show you how to code a Web application. We will cover MCMS-Visual Studio integration and the critical procedures for creating an MCMS solution, but we won t cover language specifics or code constructs. Many of the development procedures discussed in this chapter do involve writing PAPI and ASPX code to accomplish the specific goals of your site. Although we do not cover how to write this code, we do indicate what functional pieces are required where.
Currently, the extension doesn t provide a user interface for configuring the export format; it renders the report as XML before passing it to the Web service Enhancing the custom delivery extension to let the user choose the export format should be easy. For example, as with the e-mail and file share extensions, the custom extension web control could include a drop-down list that is populated with the results from a call to the ListExtensions SOAP API, as you saw in chapter 10. Now that you have a high-level understanding of what the custom delivery extension does, let s see how to put it into action. 13.3.2 Using the custom delivery extension Before using the custom delivery extension to distribute reports to Web services, you need to configure it properly. We included detailed setup instructions in the README file found under the DeliveryExtensions\WebService folder in the AWC.RS.Extensions project. Once the custom delivery extension is configured, you can use the Report Manager to create a report subscription that uses the extension. We ve already shown how to do this in chapter 12, so we ll discuss only the custom delivery extension specifics. After you ve decided on the subscription type, either a standard or data-driven subscription, you choose a delivery extension, as shown in figure 13.14.
Listing 4.25 Using the Join operator to group books by publisher Inner SampleData.Publishers Outer key sequence .Join(SampleData.Books, selector Inner key publisher => publisher, selector book => book.Publisher, (publisher, book) => new { Publisher=publisher.Name, Book=book.Title });
SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Web Parts
If you remove the WebBrowsable attribute from one of the properties and redeploy your solution, you ll see that it disappears from the tool pane in the web browser. The property will still be available from SharePoint Designer 2010. You can use this technique to hide certain properties from users who only access the Web Parts using the web interface. As a good practice, you should use the WebBrowsable attribute and set the parameter to false if you don t want to show it in the web interface:
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