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Select File Save and then File Close to close the script s window, and then select Edit Edit Mode (or press Cmd+Y) to change the PDF s graphic window to running mode. Now click and drag the mouse; the dialog box should display the mouse s location in the x/y (pixels) field. Note that you can now hide the toolbar, because it does not display the coordinates any longer when you drag the mouse. This is because you did not supply a continue pick in [...] line in the handler, so the handler overrides the standard behavior. If you want nonprogrammers to use your tool, you should have the script installed automagically. You ll make a third button that will implement the pick in script in the target graphic window. For this, change the dialog box to edit mode (Edit Edit Mode), click the Validate button to select it, move it a little to the left with the left arrow key, duplicate it (User Scripts More Smile Commands ~TRA Edit Duplicate), and align it (arrow keys with or without the Shift key pressed). Double-click the new button, and name it auto click. Now let s program the new button. Cmd+option-click the dialog box to open its script (or select Dialog Edit Dialog Script). Add the handler in Script 28-4 to the script (in addition to RefreshDisplay, MergeCurrent, and click in) at any location in the script (not inside another handler, though). Script 28-4. on InstallScript(d) set w_name to contained data of item 12 of d set w to graphic window w_name set script of w to "on pick in w at {point:{x, y}, step:i} set d to dialog \"" & name of d & "\" set contained data of item 8 of d to x set contained data of item 10 of d to y end pick in" postit ("Loaded") smilepause 5 postit ("") end InstallScript In this handler you use a sophisticated feature, scripted scripting. In Smile you can dynamically provide a script to an object; you can set the script property of an object to a string provided the string is an AppleScript source that can be compiled. Smile lets you manipulate by script scripts as well as the individual handlers and properties of a script. You have chosen to display feedback when the action is done: the floating Message window will display Loaded for 5 seconds (postit ("") closes the Message window). The handler uses a unique command of Smile s: smilepause. Inserting smilepause in a script pauses the script (for the time specified, which can be 0) while letting the application be fully responsive. You can use smilepause for a wide variety of occasions. Here you use it to have the message go away after five seconds yet let the user work normally as soon as the action is done. Of course, you must have the new handler called when the user clicks the Auto Click button. This is the job of the click in handler, where you should install (before end if) the two following lines: else if n = 15 then InstallScript(d) You can check your script against the code download. The order of the routines is arbitrary. If there is no error, save and close the script. Once the dialog box is the front window, save it as well.
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The main point is that this technique allows you to work with huge files while maintaining a small memory usage profile. This is the kind of thing you should pay attention to in order to improve your queries. It s easy to write queries that are not optimal and consume a lot of memory. Before moving on to another subject, let s review what happens with the last version of our LINQ to Text Files query. The key is lazy evaluation. Objects are created on the fly, as you loop through the results, and not all at the beginning. Let s suppose we loop on the query s results using foreach as follows this is similar to what ObjectDumper.Write does in the previous code snippet:
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try { //Code that makes use of FileStream object } catch (IOException ioex) { // Code that handles an IOException // This code can use the "ioex" variable to reference the exception } catch (Exception ex) { // Code that handles any other exception }
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To use [RowTest] in NUnit, you ll need to add a reference to NUnit.Extensions.dll, which is found in the bin directory of NUnit s installation folder.
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If an unhandled error occurs on a Web Part or Wiki page, a link to the Web Parts Maintenance page is provided. Click this link to inspect the Web Parts on the page and remove the ones that are failing.
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A top-level Default Albums node appears in the TreeNode Editor. This node is shown in the graphic for step 6.
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PS C:\> gcm -module activedirectory
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PS (16) > write-output "`$v is $v" $v is files
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Earlier, we asked you to endure some nod-and-smile moments when we presented initialization methods, mainly because they looked a little weird. Here s the init method from an earlier version of CarParts:
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short apprxCircum short radius = (short)7; short pi = (short) 314; apprxCircum = (short)(2 * pi * radius / 100);
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You could also manually pipe the formatting instructions to Out-Host, which would accomplish exactly the same thing:
package StartJoin; import System.Console; public class Other extends Thread { public void run() { Console.WriteLine("Starting other thread"); for (int i=0;i<4;i++) { Console.WriteLine("*"); try { Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (InterruptedException ex) { } } Console.WriteLine("Exiting other thread"); } }
Programming the Functionality
Standard query operators
Figure 10 8. Adding a second calle.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import #import #import #import "Car.h" "Garage.h" "Slant6.h" "Tire.h"
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