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references tab 190 Report rendering 23, 181 report repository. See report catalog report request 15 explained 502 vs. page requests 502 report sample Corporate Hierarchy 324, 436 Customer Orders 446 Customer Orders Custom Auth
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The feed is retrieved using the same methods you used earlier but the feed items are added to the ContentTemplateContainer control collection of the UpdatePanel object. This template container is dynamically refreshed in the web interface. Finally, two controls are added so that you can see the time when the feed was last retrieved. If you now deploy and add the Web Part to a page, it will look like figure 10.1. Click the Refresh button and notice that only the update panel reloads, not the entire page. The ASP.NET AJAX Extensions can do a whole lot more for your Web Part interfaces. For example, the extensions contain a Timer control that performs postbacks at regular intervals and an UpdateProgress control that shows status information about partial-page updates.
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Listing 13.1 Employee class to be used in the validation examples
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Listing 7.7 The Calculator WSDL
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Should he generate newsfeeds offline and upload them or use a web server to generate them Which newsfeed format should he support or should he support multiple formats Should he generate newsfeeds using standard XML techniques or something else How can he ensure that the newsfeeds he produces are valid How can he serve newsfeeds efficiently and not bog down his web server
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Listing 3-6. Using the Ancestors and Descendents Methods to Navigate in the XML Document Tree
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Step 4 Because sales data in the warehouse database is grouped by month, on the next screen choose the Year, Quarter, Month dimension structure, as shown in figure 12.13. Step 5 Name the new dimension Time. We have finished setting up the cube dimensions. Name the cube Sales and exit the wizard. Figure 12.14 shows what the cube structure should look like when you return to the Analysis Manager console.
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PS >> >> >> >> >> >> >> (4) > switch ($options) { '-a' { $a=$true } '-b' { [void] $switch.movenext(); $b= $switch.current } '-c' { $c=$true } '-d' { $d=$true } }
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Creating an iTunes account Signing In to the iTunes store Buying or getting free software from the App Store Redeeming an iTunes gift card
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Many vehicle fleets are now equipped with wireless Internet connectivity and global positioning system (GPS) receivers. Vehicles in such fleets periodically beam status and location information back to a central server for allocation, management, and tracking purposes. By making newsfeeds available for each vehicle and making aggregated newsfeeds available for each geographical zone, you can make it easy for other people and programs to monitor fleet status and to create those unanticipated applications.
ADD IMAGELABEL AND CAPTION PROPERTIES TO OUR DIALOG (continued) Action 2 Implement set for this property to modify the text for the lblImage label.
This function, named SayHello(), does one thing. It calls another function, named printf(), that prints a message in a special scrolling text window known as the console window or just plain console. Technically, the function printf() sends its output to something called standard output and Xcode redirects standard output to the console window. You ll learn more about standard output in 10, when we discuss the process of working with files. For the moment, just think of printf() as a function that sends information to the console.
Figure 3.4 SQL Server volumes should be formatted with a 64K allocation unit size using the NTFS file system, after the underlying partition has been track-aligned.
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