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What the Genius feature does is create a playlist by associating songs similar to the one you re listening to. Unlike a random shuffle of music, Genius scours your music library and then creates a new playlist of 25, 50, or 100 songs (you set the Genius features in iTunes on your computer). TIP: If you get tired of your Genius playlist, just touch Refresh and the list will reset with new songs.
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} label.Text = "Succeeded"; }
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// Define an abstract class Indicates that a class cannot be instantiated and is intended public abstract class Person { as a base for other classes. // Define abstract members public abstract string Address; public abstract Point GetHomeCoord(); . . . }
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The OnClosing method accepts a System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs reference as an argument. This class, which is derived from EventArgs, contains a public instance Cancel property which you can set to true to cancel the event. In this case, we use a message box to confirm that the user wants to quit. If the answer is not yes, we cancel the Closing event. That completes our WinPok program. While a Windows Forms GUI takes some time to set up, the user interface is more usable and typically worth the extra effort. For example, the WinPok version of our poker machine is clearly more user-friendly than its ConPok cousin. Refer to appendix C for the complete WinPok listing.
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How does this affect me
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The last bullet is a crucial item and requires more explanation. There are various types of failure conditions that may lead to the loss of the principal and are broadly
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Figure 2.2 Direct access to ADO.NET connections
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Performing Boolean Logic Operations
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The following example renames a Layer object based on user input: Public Sub RenameLayer() On Error Resume Next Dim strLayerName As String Dim objLayer As AcadLayer
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PS C:\> $username = " Don" PS C:\> $username.Trim() Don
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<StackPanel x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" HorizontalAlignment="Left"> <TextBlock Text="My Grocery List" /> <sdk:TabControl x:Name="myTabControl" Height="200" Width="240"> <sdk:TabItem Header="Fruits"> <ListBox> <ListBoxItem Content="Apples" /> <ListBoxItem Content="Bananas" /> <ListBoxItem Content="Grapes" /> </ListBox> </sdk:TabItem> <sdk:TabItem> <sdk:TabItem.Header> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <Image Source="" /> <TextBlock Text="Meats" /> </StackPanel> </sdk:TabItem.Header> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <ListBox> <ListBoxItem Content="Beef" /> <ListBoxItem Content="Pork" /> <ListBoxItem Content="Chicken" /> </ListBox> <TextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap" Width="200" Text="NOTE: You may want to pick up some barbeque sauce." /> </StackPanel> </sdk:TabItem> </sdk:TabControl> </StackPanel>
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The code shows how to set the FontStyle at design time. Setting the FontStyle during runtime involves using a slightly different approach. To set a TextBlock to italic during runtime, you use the FontStyles class:
one is correct for your business is something only you can determine, but if you previously left this setting alone and intend to do the same now, you might find an unexpected set of records in the conflict viewer.
Figure 9-6. A wedge
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