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If you are like many people, your desk is filled with little yellow sticky notes notes to do everything imaginable. Even with our computers, we still tend to leave these little notes as reminders. One of the great things about the iPad is that you can write your notes on
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These two overloads on Add allow content to be added using the functional construction pattern we discussed in section 9.5.3. To add a single child element to an existing XElement, we can use the following code:
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To finish things up, let s add a few refinements. Your shiny new application doesn t save files with any extension, doesn t have a useful About box, and doesn t have an application icon. How about addressing these shortcomings Let s take a look at the icon and extension first. In Xcode, find the file Text_PalInfo.plist. You can either edit this file in the Editor pane or double-click it to bring it up in a separate window. This plist allows you to set options such as icons, file extensions, and formats. If you want to add an icon file to your application, you need a .icns file. You will be learning how to create these from scratch later in the book, so for now let s just grab one from an existing application. A good one to use is the Edit.icns file that is supplied as part of the example TextEdit project (look in /Developer/Examples/TextEdit/). Drag this file into the Xcode Workspace and drop it in the Resources folder. When the dialog pops up, check the option to copy the item into the folder and click Add. Now configure the plist to know about the icon. Look in the plist for the Icon file entry. In the adjacent box, type Edit.icns (there is no picker control for some reason, so make sure you type this correctly). Try Build and Run, and you will see the application icon in the Dock (see Figure 3 22).
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[self newPieceForCircle]
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Compile the original program (before reformatting), reformat the code, and recompile the program to a different name. Compare the two binaries using the cmp command:
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Displaying the lease information
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SPWebApplication webApplication = properties.Feature.Parent as SPWebApplication; BrowserDefinitionTimerJob newJob = new BrowserDefinitionTimerJob( jobName, webApplication) { Schedule = new SPOneTimeSchedule(DateTime.Now) }; newJob.Properties.Add("add", true); newJob.Update();
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This lab is going to be a bit different. I m going to specify a number of criteria, and your job is to create the final result. I'll walk you through the solution in
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function prompt { $(if (test-path variable:/PSDebugContext) { '[DBG]: ' } else { '' }) + 'PS ' + $(Get-Location) ` + $(if ($nestedpromptlevel -ge 1) { '>>' }) + '> ' }
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Create cancel button
Then you must implement the leaderboardViewControllerDidFinish method, which is used to simply dismiss the view and to forward the event to the delegate:
Task: Create the Report Data Source
May I See Some ID, Please
The PowerShell logical operators are short-circuit operators they only do as much work as they need to. With the -and operator, if the left operand evaluates to $false then the right operand expression is not executed. With the -or operator, if the left operand evaluates to $true then the right operand is not evaluated.
'' highlight entity objEnt.Highlight True objEnt.Update '' display properties MsgBox strMassProperties, , "Mass Properties" '' dehighlight entity objEnt.Highlight False objEnt.Update End Sub
XML-RPC data types XML -RPC supports primitives <string>, <int>, <boolean>, and <double>. It also supports time values in ISO 8601 format as <dateTime.iso8601> and Base64 encoded data as <base64>. Structures and arrays are also supported. Structures are represented as a list of members, each with a name and a value, which could be any XML -RPC type. Here s an example of a structure with two members, integer parameters lowerBound and upperBound:
followed by a close bracket on the line below that. Refer to Figure 4 7.
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