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myPerson.mother.firstName = @"Anne"; [myPerson.mother setFirstName:@"Anne"]; [[myPerson mother] setFirstName:@"Anne"]; Using KVC, you have an additional way to accomplish this: [myPerson setValue:@"Anne" forKeyPath:@"mother.firstName"];
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Figure 7-27. The Xcode documentation window
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Task 9-26. Setting a Publishing Schedule
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Tracking File Activity
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The power of parallelization
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main() basically consists of a loop that first prompts for a dinosaur number at the top of the
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Figure 5.2 The Business Data field being created, and the attributes to display other column values from the same row in the database
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programming languages such as C# or VB.NET, we have to write for loops and if statements and so forth. Encapsulation. Objects are self-contained and include data as well as behavior. In databases, data records don t have behavior, per se. It s possible to act on database records only through the use of SQL queries or stored procedures. In relational databases, code and data are clearly separated. The mismatch is a result of the differences between a relational database and a typical object-oriented class hierarchy. We might say relational databases are from Mars and objects are from Venus. Let s take the simple example shown in figure 1.3. We have an object model we d like to map to a relational model. Concepts such as inheritance or composition are not directly supported by relational databases, which means that we cannot represent the data the same way in both models. You can see here that several objects and types of objects can be mapped to a single table. Even if we wanted to persist an object model like the one we have here in a new relational database, we would not be able to use a direct mapping. For instance, for performance reasons and to avoid duplication, it s much better in this case to create only one table in the database. A consequence of doing so, however, is that data coming from the database table cannot be easily used to repopulate an object graph in memory. When we win on one side, we lose on the other. We may be able to design a database schema or an object model to reduce the mismatch between both worlds, but we ll never be able to remove it because of
Now, we need a method to handle the execution of operators. This method, shown in listing 5.4, takes the operator just hit as an argument but executes the last operator.
Such support makes BLOB access and importing much simpler than the equivalent process in SQL Server 2000 with image and text data types. Here s an example:
Figure 16.8 Adding a new Silverlight Unit Test Application to the solution. I named the project MvvmApplication.Tests, but the name isn t important.
Networking and communications
The ContentPresenter is a descendent FrameworkElement that exists primarily to support the display of content in a ContentControl. Rather than require you to put a TextBlock, Image, or other strongly typed content presentation element into your control template, you can use a ContentPresenter to bind to and display the content from the Content property. Table 10.7 shows the properties of the ContentPresenter element. Without the ContentPresenter, the ContentControl can t do much of anything exciting. The ContentPresenter holds the logic to try and render the object passed
SELECT ST.Name AS Territory, PC.ProductCategoryID, PC.Name AS ProductCategory, SUM(SOD.UnitPrice * SOD.OrderQty) AS Sales Sales.SalesOrderDetail SOD Production.Product P ON SOD.ProductID = P.ProductID Sales.SalesOrderHeader SOH ON SOD.SalesOrderID = SOH.SalesOrderID Sales.SalesTerritory ST ON SOH.TerritoryID = ST.TerritoryID Production.ProductSubCategory PSC ON P.ProductSubCategoryID = PSC.ProductSubCategoryID Production.ProductCategory PC ON PSC.ProductCategoryID = PC.ProductCategoryID DATEPART(YY, SOH.OrderDate) = DATEPART(yy, '1/1/2003') ST.Name, PC.Name, PC.ProductCategoryID ST.Name, PC.Name
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