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Listing 2 3. Enabling Touch and Gaining Access to the Label Object -(id) init { if ((self = [super init])) { // create and initialize a label CCLabel* label = [CCLabel labelWithString:@"Hello World" fontName:@"Marker Felt" fontSize:64]; // get the window (screen) size from CCDirector CGSize size = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSize]; // position the label at the center of the screen label.position = CGPointMake(size.width / 2, size.height / 2); // add the label as a child to this Layer [self addChild: label]; // our label needs a tag so we can find it later on // you can pick any arbitrary number label.tag = 13; // must be enabled if you want to receive touch events! self.isTouchEnabled = YES; } return self; }
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Web services that expose the line-of-business data from the Business Data Catalog can be useful for Windows applications, web applications, and virtually any other kind of application, making it easier for administrators and developers to consume business data. Later in this book, we ll use this web service to create an Office Business Application that utilizes the Business Data Catalog. Another use of the Business Data Catalog API is to use the object model within a Visual Studio workflow.
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There are two other ways to see the SQL sent by LINQ. Use the GetQueryText method of DataContext to see SELECT statements. The method requires the LINQ query as an argument. The GetChangeText method is used for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements and the SQL is generated only after an object associated with a database table is modified. Listing 2-4 shows these two methods in action.
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Figure 21.1 While the lookup is going on, the application is completely non-responsive. Note that this is an XP screenshot. Vista handles this a little bit better by putting up a picture of your original application; but, rest assured, your application isn t really responding.
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The net effect of using the ShowHideToggle command in this example is that the first Product Subcategory section (the one for Tsoflias, Lynn) will be expanded when the report is requested. As its names suggests, ShowHideToggle toggles the section visibility with each subsequent request (if the item is hidden, it will be expanded, and vice versa). How do you get the section identifier Unfortunately, there is currently no way to programmatically find out what the section identifiers are. Instead, you need to look at the source of the rendered report. Each expandable section is assigned an ID number when the report is requested. The section identifiers are formatted as ID= "<section identifier">. The inability to determine the section identifiers in advance makes the commands that target interactive features by section identifiers (ShowHideToggle for expandable sections, BookmarkID to jump to a report bookmark, and DocMapID to scroll to a particular document map section) of limited use to developers. Managing report sessions As we explained in chapter 8, to ensure data consistency and optimize report performance, the Report Server uses report sessions. When the Report Server creates a session for a given report, it caches the report s intermediate format (IF) in the Report Server Temporary Database (ReportServerTempDB) for a configurable period of time. By default, to correlate the report consumer with the session, the Report Server uses cookies. If cookies are used to track sessions, you don t have to do anything special from a programming standpoint to manage sessions. The Report Server will automatically generate a cookie for each report session and add it to the HTTP response 350
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Peeking under the covers of LINQ to SQL
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Figure 5-1. The miniature golf game layer
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Listing 5 9. Freeing Up the Unneeded Memory - (void)dealloc { [glView removeFromSuperview]; [glView release]; [super dealloc]; }
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Figure 13 9. Detail showing some Pixie configuration options
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However, you may change these properties at run time as demonstrated in the following example: Private Sub UserForm_Activate() UserForm1.Width = 200 UserForm1.Height = 150 End Sub In this example, the UserForm s Width and Height properties change when the UserForm is activated through the Activate method. As you can see in Figure 3-6, the UserForm.Left and UserForm.Top properties control the initial UserForm position relative to the upper-left corner of the screen.
The Document Information panel in InfoPath
There is a bit of a tricky shortcut here that merits further discussion, namely the use of _cmd. This is a hidden parameter to every Objective-C method, much like self. The self parameter is implicitly passed into every method and indicates the object that the message was sent to. The _cmd parameter is also implicitly passed into every method and holds the selector that was used to invoke the current method. In this case, _cmd just serves as a shortcut for @selector(sendUpdates), since that s the name of the method that we re using it in.
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