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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
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PS (3) > $error[0].exception Cannot find path 'C:\working\book\nosuchfile' because it does no t exist.
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Now we can start implementing our action methods. Let s start with createCharacter:, which will display a summary of all the preferences values related to character creation. We start off by grabbing the shared instance of NSUserDefaults, then create an empty string to hold the summary text, and then we actually create the summary, one preferences entry at a time. At the end, we put the summary text into the relevant NSTextField. Note that at the beginning of this method, we create an NSMutableString with a particular capacity, but this is not an upper size limit; NSMutableString is smart enough to grow if necessary. The method looks like this:
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Thread safety in libraries It is important when doing multithreaded development to know what methods are and are not thread-safe. In .NET all public static methods are thread-safe. As a general rule, all others are not. Some commonly used thread-safe classes are:
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CHAPTER 10: Working with Tilemaps
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Of course, not all objects are directly comparable. For example, there is no direct way to compare a System.DateTime object to a System.Diagnostics.Process object.
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people. This could entail writing a new in-house application, or managing the migration of a data center from one location to another. DBAs with good project management skills are in high demand.
Figure 10 shows the results. Notice that the number of data pages consumed by the table did not decrease; however, the average space used as a percentage decreased dramatically to 1.4 percent from 99.7 percent.
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Similar changes are required for the Open method. To make this code a little more readable, we will extract the code to read the album data into a separate method.
5.2.5 Protocols
that supports the Color property. This new property uses RGB color values, Pantone color palettes, and color-book values. This property has the following syntax: Object.Color = lngColor lngColor may be one of 257 colors, 9 of which are represented by the predefined AutoCAD AcColor constants detailed in Table 10-10. Table 10-10. AcColor Constants
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