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_frameBufferSize, _currentTime, _emptySampleDict); _currentTime += _frameTime; _frameStreamOffset += _frameBufferSize; ReportGetSampleCompleted(msSamp); }
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Now we ve got a rather ugly list because it s a list of the InnerText of the XmlElements. In the list on the left, we want the values from the name attributes of each item tag. As we did before, we need to set up a DataTemplate. We enter the following XAML within the ListBox tags:
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2.3 Help system
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Customizing for NSLog()
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Sometimes you need to keep track of what a particular thread is doing. To help you do this, the Thread class supports the Name property. This allows us to assign a name to an instance of a thread. So rather than referencing threads by their identification number, we can then refer to them by name.
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Once that s done, you edit the ListsService class definition so that it inherits from the new Model interface as follows:
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In SQL Server 2005, we accessed Activity Monitor in SQL Server Management Studio by expanding Management and choosing Activity Monitor. This allowed us to view running processes as well as locks by process or object. While beneficial, there was a limit to the level of detail that could be obtained using this tool, with typical follow-up investigations involving queries against various DMVs and/or system tables. In response to this, the new Activity Monitor in SQL Server 2008, as shown in figure 14.1, has been completely overhauled to help DBAs quickly see performance hot spots and related information. Apart from the obvious visual differences, the way to access Activity Monitor has also changed. Rather than opening it via the Management section of SQL Server Management Studio, you either right-click the instance name and choose Activity Monitor or click the Activity Monitor icon on the standard toolbar. Arguably the greatest feature of the new Activity Monitor is the ability to spot abnormal activity at a glance using the four included graphs. You can change the default graph refresh rate of 10 seconds by right-clicking any of the four graphs and selecting the appropriate refresh interval. The menu also allows you to pause or resume the display. Let s explore this new tool further by examining the four expandable panes that appear below the graphs: Processes, Resource Waits, Data File I/O, and Recent Expensive Queries.
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Open the Script Editor and select File Open Dictionary. Select Terminal from the list and click the Open button. The Open Dictionary menu item opens a window that lists all programs with which your script can communicate. The Terminal Dictionary window displays all commands and objects exported by the Terminal program (see figure 2.15). From this list of objects and commands, you can see the aspects of the program that are scriptable. Enter the following script into the Script Editor and save the script as an application:
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April 2001
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That s a great way to help prevent problems later on down the line, because you re assured that $number will contain the exact type of data you expect it to. There are many different object types that you can use in place of [int], but these are some of the ones you ll use most commonly include:
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created a ListBox-like control, you d expect the Once behavior because you d use the arrow keys to navigate between the individual items. The next key area of support in the Control type is templating. Templates give Silverlight controls their appearance and user experience.
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