c# barcode generator source code Figure 4.14 The Directory tab of the ContractMgr Properties box in visual C#.net

Deploy Quick Response Code in visual C#.net Figure 4.14 The Directory tab of the ContractMgr Properties box

The editFeed function takes a parameter that s the client id of the Web Part. It creates an object called options, which contains the properties and behavior of the dialog. Properties such as title, width, and height are configured. The URL property B points to the application page that you created with the current feed URL as a parameter. The current URL is retrieved using a jQuery selector, which locates the first input field in the Web Part and takes the value from it. When the dialog is closed, a JavaScript should be invoked. You define this by setting the dialogReturnValueCallback. This callback function is set to a new function that you ll define next; this function also takes the client id as input. Finally, the dialog is shown using the showModalDialog function C. To close the dialog correctly, you need to add JavaScript to the button on the application page. This JavaScript will use a jQuery selector, so you add a ScriptLink control referring to the jQuery script:
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You can get a single item from a list using the item s position in the list, as shown in Script 6-4. Script 6-4. set city_list to {"Boston", "Atlanta", "San Francisco"} set the_city to item 2 of city_list --> "Atlanta" first item of city_list --> "Boston" last item of city_list --> "San Francisco" item -1 of city_list --> "San Francisco" You can also get a range of items with the thru term. The result will be a list: set city_list to of {"Boston", "Atlanta", "San Francisco", "Providence", "Seattle"} set the_city to items 2 thru 4 of city_list --> {"Atlanta", "San Francisco", "Providence"}
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In the listing, we ve identified four sections of XML that will need to be replaced with LINQ expressions. The author element B will need to be replaced with a query expression that returns an IEnumerable<XElement> containing the author elements. We ll need to replace the hard-coded name and description on the Subject C with the name and description from the Subject table that the Book table links to. Next we ll need to replace the publisher name D with the proper publisher name from the Publisher table. Finally, the hard-coded lists of reviews E will need to be replaced with a query expression that returns an IEnumerable <XElement> built from the Reviews table. Now that we have the stub code in listing 11.9, we need to plug in query expressions for retrieving information about the book, as well as its publisher, subject, authors, and reviews. To express our queries, we can use query expressions or explicit dot notation. Since query expressions are more readable and compact and work better when embedding queries within functional construction statements, we ll use them to create our XML. The first query expression that we need returns all the books within our database. Although the sort order of the books doesn t matter, we ll sort them by title to make our query more interesting.
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numCharsRead will track how many characters we ve read so far. We ll use it to make sure we
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XNamespace ns = "http://webservices.amazon.com/AWSECommerceService/2007-07-16"; string url = "http://ecs.amazonaws.com/onca/xml Service=AWSECommerceService" + "&AWSAccessKeyId={Your Access Key Here}" + "&Version=2007-07-16" + "&Operation=TagLookup" + "&ResponseGroup=Tags,Small" + "&TagName=dotnet" + "&Count=20"; XElement tags = XElement.Load(url); var groups = from book in tags.Descendants(ns + "Item") let bookAttributes = book.Element(ns + "ItemAttributes") let title = (string)bookAttributes.Element(ns + "Title") orderby title select title;
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}else if([columnType isEqualToString:@"TEXT"]) { return SQLITE_TEXT; }else if ([columnType isEqualToString:@"BLOB"]) { return SQLITE_BLOB; }else if ([columnType isEqualToString:@"NULL"]) { return SQLITE_NULL; } return SQLITE_TEXT; }
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The SQL Server Compact 3.5 runtime components support both 32-bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) environments, and are required to run SQL Server Compact 3.5 based applications on the desktop. The runtime components can be downloaded from the web in
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As you can see, Unix listed nine different folders in my home directory, followed by the same prompt, showing me that it was ready for me to type another command.
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strategies, in mapping metadata and dynamically at runtime. You can use association joins and result iteration to prevent common problems such as the n+1 selects problem. Your goal is to minimize database round trips with many small queries; but at the same time, you try to minimize the amount of data loaded in one query. The best query and the ideal object-retrieval strategy depend on your use case, but you should be well prepared with the examples in this chapter and NHibernate s excellent runtime fetching strategies.
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Richard Stevens wrote a series of books on UNIX programming topics, specifically networking issues, which are considered the bible for UNIX programmers.
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Exposing data with the domain service
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circumstance where it makes sense is in a pure function where you re only returning a single value. For example, look at this recursive definition of the factorial function:
Now, any time we send the autorelease message to an object, it jumps into this pool:
We leverage the static ReadAllLines method available on the File class to read each line within the text file. Since ReadAllLines returns a string array, we can safely use it in our from clause. To split each line, we use the Split method available on string, as well as the let clause that is available in C#. The let clause allows us to perform the split operation once and refer to the result in subsequent expressions. Once we have our line split apart, we can wrap each item into the appropriate XML element, as in listing 11.25.
In a production application a more robust error-handling mechanism would be used. Instead of displaying a dialog box, most likely an entry would be logged to the event log indicating that the exception occurred. This should not be seen as a way of not having to deal with exceptions; instead, it should be viewed as a safety net.
You can redefine AppleScript and scripting addition commands. The code in your new definition will replace the code that usually runs when the command is called. For instance, let s try to meddle with the choose from list command defined in Standard Additions. In your script, type the code shown in Script 18-13. Script 18-13. on choose from list theList display dialog "I'll choose for you" buttons {"OK"} return some item of theList end choose from list choose from list {1, 2, 3} In the preceding script, you changed the functionality of the choose from list command. If it is called from anywhere in the script, instead of allowing the user to choose, the script will let the user know that it will choose an item from the list and then indeed proceeds to pick a random item from the list using the some item filtering statement. In the same situation, you can possibly add to the command and then tell AppleScript to continue with the original command. Look at Script 18-14. Script 18-14. on choose from list theList display dialog "Should I choose for you " buttons {"No", "Yes"} if button returned of result is "No" then continue choose from list theList else return some item of theList end if end choose from list choose from list {1, 2, 3} In the preceding script, AppleScript first offers to make the decision for the user. If the user declines, then the script will tell AppleScript to continue to execute the command the way it was designed originally.
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Figure 3-20. Now that the text item delimiters property is set to an asterisk (*), the asterisk string is used as padding between the items when you join the list items into a string. What you may be asking yourself, where does the plural in delimiters come from Can you set the text item delimiters property to multiple delimiters No, you can t. Although you can currently set AppleScript s text item delimiters property to a list of strings, AppleScript will look only at the first one and ignore the rest. (I guess Apple never quite finished that particular feature . . . .) You can set the text items delimiters property to a multicharacter string. In Script 3-6, the text item delimiters property is set to the string "mississippi": Script 3-6. set text item delimiters to "mississippi" set the_secret_message to "memississippiet mississippime mississippiamississippit fimississippive" set the_items to text items of the_secret_message set text item delimiters to "" set the_message to the_items as string -->"meet me at five"
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