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Once the data is displayed, you can test the results by changing the data at the source, and then simply watch the web part refresh itself, as shown in figure 9.9. So we now have a working Ajax-style web part. We just need to finish it up nicely so that it can be easily deployed by administrators, including setting up a custom code access security policy. In order to achieve that, we need to create a few more files. You re required to have a .webpart file. If you have any experience with creating web parts in SharePoint 2003, you may have created a .dwp file, which is similar. The .webpart file enables SharePoint to locate the web part s DLL, and can also be used to set some of the web part properties. We ll also need to create a solution manifest file. The solution manifest file contains all of the information required to deploy the web part. It requires the public key token and all of the information to create a SafeControlEntry in the Web.Config file, including the namespace and assembly name. It also requires information about where to put the DLL and any other resource files such as images, XML, JavaScript files, and so forth. One of the features of the solution manifest is to store the information required to create a custom code access security file.
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Principal and mirror database In a database mirroring solution, there s a single source database that applications connect to. This is known as the principal database. The mirror database is the copy being maintained for failover purposes. If failover occurs, the roles of principal and mirror are swapped. Principal and mirror instance The SQL Server instance containing the principal database is the principal instance. The mirror instance is the instance containing the mirror database. These instances are frequently located in different locations as part of a disaster-recovery design. A SQL Server instance can t be both a mirror and a principal instance for the same database, but can have different roles for different databases for example, an instance can be a mirror instance for database A and a principal instance for database B.
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private bool IsSelectionValid() { string selection = pivotTable.SelectionType; PivotAggregates aggregates = null; PivotAggregate aggregate = null; bool valid = false; string uniqueName = null;
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A common development scenario is to put all of the application s core logic into a portable C++ library (if you re building a cross-platform application) and write the user interface in the platform s native toolkit. Objective-C++ is a great boon to this style of development. You get the performance and type safety of C++, and the users get applications created with the native toolkit that fit in seamlessly with the platform. To have the compiler treat your code as Objective-C++, use the .mm file extension on your source. The .M extension also works, but the Mac s HFS+ file system is case insensitive but case preserving, so it s best to avoid any kind of case dependency. Like matter and antimatter, the Objective-C and C++ object hierarchies cannot mix. So you can t have a C++ class that inherits from NSView, and you can t have an Objective-C class inheriting from std::string. You can put pointers to Objective-C objects into C++ objects. Since all Objective-C objects are dynamically allocated, you can t have complete objects embedded in a class or declared on a stack. You ll need to alloc and init any Objective-C objects in your C++ constructors (or wherever it s convenient) and release them in your destructors (or somewhere else). So this would be a valid class declaration:
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Take a look through this code. main() starts by creating (via alloc) and initializing (via init) an NSAutoreleasePool. The pool is drained at the end. This is a sneak preview of Cocoa memory management, which we ll discuss in the next chapter. For now, please just nod, smile, and leave the NSAutoreleasePool stuff in there. If you take it out, you won t hurt yourself, but you ll get some very strange messages when you run your programs.
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XElement root = XElement.Load("categorizedBooks.xml"); XElement dotNetCategory = root.Element("category"); XAttribute name = dotNetCategory.Attribute("name");
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There are a few things you need before you can start using iTunes to sync. We cover the prerequisites and answer a few common questions about the reasons to use iTunes. We also help you understand what happens if you own another Apple device, such as an iPad or iPod, and start syncing with your iPhone.
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DECLARE @dblSimil float EXEC dbo.spSimil 'some string', 'some other string', @dblSimil OUTPUT SELECT @dblSimil --0.786
Table D.1 Bell Labs research release Release Version 1 (1971) Version 2 (1972) Version 3 (1973) Version 4 (1973) Version 5 (1974) Version 6 (1975) Main features Written in assembler; included a B compiler; included most of the modern commands, file system, fork(), roff, ed. Added pipes (McIlroy); included a C compiler (Ritchie). Kernel was rewritten in C. Included source code; free to universities for educational use. Nearly all of the OS was written in C. First release available outside Bell Labs. Release was the basis for John Lions A Commentary on the Unix Operating System. 1.xBDS was derived from this version. Included the Bourne shell and K&R C compiler. Kernel was rewritten in C for portability. Licensed by Microsoft to develop XENIX, uucp. For some, V7 was the last true Unix, an improvement over all preceding and following Unices (UNIX FAQ, 6/7). Added elements from BSD 4.1BSD; used as the development version for System V Release 3 (SVR3), STREAM I/O. Added elements from BSD 4.3BSD. Last version from Bell Labs.
This is by no means the only way to solve the problem, but it demonstrates the principles embodied in the UNIX philosophy: use and design simple programs with clean and clear interfaces that do one thing well and that can be linked together to do powerful things.
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