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We first must check that we have a valid integer. If not, an exception is raised, we sound an audible beep, and we revert to the previous standing bet, uiBet. We re not done however, because the player may have insufficient credits to make the bet. Therefore, we call getBet to make any necessary adjustment to the amount of the bet. It does so by creating an instance of the Bet class, which we coded in chapter 4, and reading its Amount property to check for any adjustment. Coding a method to create an audible beep provides us with an excuse to explore how to get our .NET programs to interact with the Win32 API. We ll get back to it when we finish setting up the GUI. 7.3.7 Creating check boxes We ve got five check boxes laid out left to right across the form. The player checks a box to indicate that the card above should be held when cards are drawn. Listing 7.12 sets up these check boxes.
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Almost every view from your iPod app (Playlists, Artists, Videos, Songs, etc.) has a search window in the upper right corner, as shown in Figure 7 2. Tap once in that search window and type a few letters of the name of an artist, playlist, video, or song to instantly see a list of all matching items. This is the best way to quickly find something to listen to or watch on your iPad.
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// Calculate the percent of the image shown int percent = 100; if (pbxPhoto.SizeMode != PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage) { Rectangle dr = pbxPhoto.ClientRectangle; int imgWidth = pbxPhoto.Image.Width; int imgHeight = pbxPhoto.Image.Height; percent = 100 * Math.Min(dr.Width, imgWidth) * Math.Min(dr.Height, imgHeight) / (imgWidth * imgHeight); }
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Figure 6.14 The WGetParameters class holds data (the model) using an NSMutableDictionary, which stores objects in key/value pairs.
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These properties can be used to define an initial experience. (All the properties listed here use pretend values to show the syntax.) We ll explain the details of each of these properties in the order they re shown. In addition, these properties will be logically grouped together when possible, such as height and width.
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CHAPTER 15: Working with Photos
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The Form class and its ancestors
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table valued parameters 598 TABLE variable default value 232 not null 232 table variables 558, 560 TableAdapter 646 TableDirect mode 303 TableLock 109 TableName 308 tables 270 backup 435 most reads 599 most writes 599 normalization rules 28 normalizing 28 PRIMARY filegroup 434 resetting 754 Tablet PC 297 298 table-valued functions 393 multi-statement 217 table-valued parameters 221 222 benefits 223 stored procedure 223 Tablix 649 Tablix control 658 TABLOCK hint 102 103, 108 log file size 103, 108 performance 102 tabular data 222 Tabular Data Stream 256 tabular format 31 Tabular report 646 talk mode 262 Tang, ZhaoHui 698 target database 729 target partitions 422 target server 268, 355 356 target table 102, 683 triggers 102 target variable 688 targets 621 624 task 624 trace file 624 types 625 usage 625 TargetServerURL 651, 655 tasks 726, 729 naming 467 properties 727, 734 types 332 Task Manager 523 524 Performance tab 592 Task Scheduler 467 TCP/IP 668 address 257 port 256 257 stack 668
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The most important thing a WinForms library should do is make sure that the necessary assemblies are loaded B. Note that loading the assembly multiple times is harmless. Next we define some convenience functions C for creating common Drawing objects: point and size. These functions, like many of the helpers, just hide the long type names used to construct the objects. The function Form D is the function we ll use most often when creating WinForm objects. It takes as arguments the name of the WinForms class to create and an optional hashtable of properties to create. If the properties hashtable is provided E the function will iterate over the keys in the hashtable, setting the property on the object named by the key to the value associated with that key. This makes object initialization very easy. Drawing F is a similar function for creating and initializing System.Drawing objects. Next is a series of convenience functions G that can be used to calculate coordinates for a Form object. These are handy when we re explicitly laying out the controls on a form. The Message function H is a simple utility for popping up a message box. Next is a series of functions that work together to simplify building menus. The New-MenuStrip function I allows us to create and add a menu strip to a form. Notice that it takes a scriptblock for its second argument. This is the little-languages concept mentioned in chapter 8. This function expects that when the scriptblock is executed, it will return a collection of menu objects that the function can add to the menu. We ll use the New-Menu J function to create these menu objects. This function also takes a scriptblock that should return a collection of MenuItem objects. These MenuItem objects will be added to the current Menu object. Finally, MenuItem objects are created with the New-MenuItem function 1). This function takes a name and an action in the form of a scriptblock. When this menu item is selected, the action scriptblock will be executed. One more helper function for building menus, the New-Separator function 1!, is used to add separators between menu items. The last function in this library is Style 1@ which is used to produce the row and column style objects used by the layout managers that we ll use later in this chapter. Although there doesn t seem to be much to this library, it can significantly simplify building a forms applications. In the next section, we ll use it to build a significant application. 11.3.5 Example: A simple calculator In this section, we ll build our own replacement for the Windows calculator applet. We ll use this exercise to show how the WinForms library can help construct an application. We ll also use this example to introduce the table layout manager. In the process, we ll show how some of PowerShell s features can be used to create flexible application architecture.
Figure 8-8. Communication with multiple peers vs. communications with a single peer Listing 8-4. Using sendto to Transmit the Contents of an NSData Instance - (BOOL)sendData:(NSData*)data toAddress:(in_addr_t)a port:(in_port_t)p{ struct sockaddr_in addr; [NetworkDiscovery sockaddr_in:&addr setAddress:a port:p]; return (sendto(socket_bsd, data.bytes, data.length, 0, (const struct sockaddr*)&addr, sizeof(addr)) == data.length); }
PS (6) > Set-ExecutionPolicy allsigned PS (7) > ./test-script.ps1 Hello there Hello there PS (8) >
Are conversations really transactions
Objective-C #import "Thermometer.h" @interface TemperatureMonitor : NSObject - (id)initWithThermometer:(Thermometer*)thermometer; - (void)tempChanged:(NSNotification*)notification; @end @implementation TemperatureMonitor - (id)initWithThermometer:(Thermometer*)thermometer { self = [super init]; if (self != nil) { [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(tempChanged:) name:TempDidChange object:thermometer]; } return self; } - (void)tempChanged:(NSNotification*)notification { id tempValue = [[notification userInfo] objectForKey:@"Temperature"]; NSLog(@"Temperature is now %@",tempValue); } @end The Java and Objective-C solutions in Listings 18-1 and 18-2 are functionally equivalent. Specifically: The Thermometer class defines the notifications it will send. The Thermometer class notifies its observers whenever the temperature changes. A TemperatureMonitor object receives only temperature change notifications from the one Thermometer object it is observing. A notification includes the new temperature value and a reference to the Thermometer object that posted the notification. Notifications are delivered as synchronous method invocations. That is, all of the notification methods execute before setTemperature returns. The significant differences are as follows:
If you choose to set up your server as a domain controller, you should not install IIS for hosting web applications. Because of the intense load AD places on the server for network management, your web applications will perform poorly compared with a machine that you set up as a dedicated web server in your network.
report to the ReportingService rs = RsHelpers.Proxy; report catalog warnings = rs.CreateReport(txtReportName.Text, txtFolderPath.Text,true, definition, null);
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