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Notice though that in the program window the Fahrenheit temperature value still says 32. This is because the breakpoint occurs before the code on this line has executed. Click Continue again and the program window updates to the new Fahrenheit value. Suppose you typed an illegal value into one of the fields Type the word ten into the Fahrenheit field and hit Tab. The breakpoint variable inspection tells you that the value recorded for temperatureF is 0. So when you click on Continue the calculation simply works out the Centigrade equivalent of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and you see the value 32 in the user interface. At least the program didn t crash, though actually an honest-to-goodness crash is often a better guide to the source of the problem than unexpected incorrect results! Clearly, you would want to put some validation into this program if you were writing it as a real application. It may be clear that the main Debugger window is my approach of choice, and I tend to use it to the exclusion of either the code editor or Mini Debugger approaches. That s the great thing about Xcode, of course: you can work the way you want to.
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Alternatively, an alias for a specific type can be created. For example, a shortcut for the Application class can be defined with:
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Parameters Are Temporary
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This example shows the general usage of a ContentPresenter. As you can see, this object is a placeholder designed to be used inside a ControlTemplate. This element is generally limited to ContentControl scenarios and isn t usually used in ItemsControl situations. For these scenarios, you may want to consider an ItemsPresenter such as the one shown in listing 23.16.
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Gaps and islands problems involve missing values in a sequence. Solving the gaps problem requires finding the ranges of missing values, whereas solving the islands problem involves finding the ranges of existing values. The sequences of values in gaps and islands problems can be numeric, such as a sequence of order IDs, some of which were deleted. An example of the gaps problem in this case would be finding the ranges of deleted order IDs. An example of the islands problem would be finding the ranges of existing IDs. The sequences involved can also be temporal, such as order dates, some of which are missing due to inactive periods (weekends, holidays). Finding periods of inactivity is an example of the gaps problem, and finding periods of activity is an example of the islands problem. Another example of a temporal sequence is a process that needs to report every fixed interval of time that it is online (for example, every 4 hours). Finding unavailability and availability periods is another example of gaps and islands problems. Besides varying in terms of the data type of the values (numeric and temporal), sequences can also vary in terms of the uniqueness of values. For example, the sequence can have unique values, that is, unique keys, or non-unique values, that is, order dates. When discussing solutions, for simplicity's sake I ll present them against a numeric sequence with unique values. I ll explain the changes you need to make to apply the solution to the variants.
To add your Web Part to the page, position the cursor in the wiki content area and then use the Ribbon to open the Web Part Gallery. Select the My Web Parts category that you defined in the elements manifest. In that category, you ll find the Web Part called VisualWebPart1. Select it, click Add, and then save the page. Now, test the Figure 3.5 The first Visual Web Web Part by making an entry in the text box, as shown Part project that prints the value of the text box in a label when the in figure 3.5, and clicking the button. button is clicked If you go back to Visual Studio 2010 without closing Internet Explorer, you can navigate to the code-behind file for your user control and set a breakpoint in the Button1_Click method where you assign the value to the label. Do so by clicking in the gray area in the left of the Source Code editor or by pressing F9. Then, return to Internet Explorer and once again click the button. Visual Studio will interrupt the execution of the program when it hits the breakpoint, and you can debug your solution just as you would any other .NET-based application. Visual Studio automatically attaches to the IIS Worker Process, w3wp.exe, for debugging the compiled code and to Internet Explorer for script debugging when you press F5. If you want to run your solution without any attached debugger, you can press CtrlF5 or choose Debug > Start Without Debugging. Visual Studio will then perform all building and packaging and finally start Internet Explorer but without attaching the debugger. SharePoint 2010 needs a lot of resources, such as RAM and CPU. If you don t have a powerful machine, the deployment and debugger attachment process can take a while. You have a couple of options to speed up this process. First, you can run your solution without attaching the debugger by pressing Ctrl-F5. A second option is to manually start Internet Explorer and use the Deploy Solution command to test your solution. If you need to debug your session after using one of these methods, you can always attach the Visual Studio debugger to the IIS Worker Process manually.
Why the web is the way it is In 1990, around the time Windows 3.0 was being released, Tim Berners-Lee was busy creating the World Wide Web. Originally designed to author and disseminate documents, the web has grown into a multipurpose platform far beyond its original roots. Through many incremental advances, the web has become an application platform, although it s still fundamentally document-centric. The evolution of the web into an application platform is a testament both to the flexibility of the system and to the creativity of the developers who write applications for it. HTML is the means by which web content is created and displayed. Early HTML was mostly semantic. Semantic HTML is HTML in which the tags describe the structure and meaning of the content, not the way it s presented. For example, rather than declaring the font, size, and style of text as you might do in a word processor, you declare the text as being a header, paragraph, a citation, and so on. The web client software then determines the appropriate font, size, and style to render. This is particularly relevant because control of the presentation of documents by the document authors wasn t a primary concern, and even something to be avoided. Then something happened that turned all of this on its head. War was declared!
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RANGE RIGHT is generally more useful than RANGE LEFT for partition functions.
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