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function Call-JScript { $sc = New-Object -ComObject ScriptControl $sc.Language = 'JScript' $sc.AddCode(' Add function getLength(s) code { return s.length } function Add(x, y) { return x + y } Return ') CodeObject $sc.CodeObject }
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Connect MapView with MKMapView
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Figure 16.6 window.
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b2Vec2 newVec = vec1 + vec2;
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DeleteThread is created and started
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Using the SQLMetal tool s /functions option, we can obtain a new method in the class that inherits from the DataContext class; the new method is decorated with attributes for building a SQL statement that calls a UDF. The following UDF returns the initials of the person whose identifier is specified as an argument:
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public IList<User> FindUsers(User u, Item i) { Example exampleUser = Example.Create(u).IgnoreCase().EnableLike(MatchMode.Anywhere); Example exampleItem = Example.Create(i).IgnoreCase().EnableLike(MatchMode.Anywhere); return GetSession().CreateCriteria(typeof(User)) .Add( exampleUser ) .CreateCriteria("Items") .Add( exampleItem ) .List<User>(); }
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Either form is fine, though the shorthand version in dvdTracker.h does a better job of showing that gHeadPtr and gTailPtr belong with the DVDInfo struct declaration. dvdTracker.h ends with a series of function prototypes: code39 fonts winforms
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We start by creating a simple command-line program, a class called BlogPoster with a static main() b method as the entry point and by parsing the commandline arguments c. Next, we read the blog server connection parameters from the properties file . To post to a blog server, we need the URL of the target blog server s XML -RPC d interface e, a valid blog account ID f, and a valid username-password pair for that blog account g. We do not want the user to have to type this information on every invocation, so we look for it in a simple properties file called In the next section of code, we load the properties file and retrieve the blog server connection parameters. Apache XML -RPC expects us to package the blog post structure as a java.util.Hashtable object, so next we add the three post fields dateCreated, title, and description to a hashtable called post h. We now have all of the information we need to post to the blog server, and we are ready to make our post by calling the MetaWeblog API newPost method. To call newPost using the Apache XML -RPC library, we must first package the parameter list as a java.util.Vector, so here we create a vector i and add to it the necessary parameters. The signature of the newPost method is shown below. As you can see, the order and type of the parameters we put into the vector match this signature.
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This ends our discussion of Label and TextBox objects for now. We will see these objects again in the next section and elsewhere in the book. Our next topic will create the Album Properties dialog box as a way to introduce the button classes in the .NET Framework.
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his chapter covers Exporting dynamic content objects Importing channel and rights objects Importing templates and resources Tracking revisions Revision histories Clearing revisions by timestamp Using Site Stager Destination directories Granting access to the staging computers
Since the cat does things, we need some way of letting the outside world know what it did. To accomplish this we use a delegate. A delegate is simply a way of accessing a method through a variable, similar in many ways to function pointers and callbacks. Function pointers and callbacks come from the C++ world. They provide a means of storing the information required to execute a function in a variable or parameter. This allows the function to be invoked indirectly, by accessing the variable or parameter. Cat owners may be wishing that their cat had a delegate available so that they could monitor their cat s activities. Cats do many things. I did not include sleep in this list of common feline activities since it occurs more frequently than the other activities. Unlike the normal process through which cats come into the world, our cat is created when it is allocated using the new statement. The constructor accepts the name of the newly created cat along with a reference to the delegate to call when it does something. The advantage of using a delegate in this way is that the cat class doesn t need to know anything about the class that s utilizing its functionality. The actions of a cat have always seemed pseudorandom to me. There may be a more complex algorithm they use to determine their actions but they aren t talking.
Although not contained in separate files as in a stand-alone Visual Basic application, the UserForm module is an integral part of your project. The UserForm module contains the procedures you write to react to the UserForm s events and the controls you place on your UserForm. The UserForm module contains UserForm-level procedures, variables, and constants specific to the project. Also, if you were to export the UserForm module to a file and look at it with a text editor, you would see descriptions of the UserForm and all the controls and their property settings. To import a UserForm module file (.frm), choose File Import File or press Ctrl+M. The UserForm module file must have been created by AutoCAD or a similar VBA-enabled application, such as Microsoft Word. If you create the UserForm module file in Visual Basic using the Microsoft Forms 2.0 form add-in, you can import them too. You can t, however, import a .frm file created by Visual Basic.
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