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By adding a player character moving about the tilemap world, you get closer to an actual isometric game. In this case I chose the ninja.png as the player character and added it to the Tilemap08 project. The player is a class derived from CCSprite, aptly named Player. Listing 11 4 shows the header file.
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So now you have a maintenance plan. The Maintenance Plan Wizard or Designer, whichever you used, has created one or several Agent jobs for you. Make sure that the Agent is running and using an appropriate service account (the Windows account that is used for the SQL Server Agent service). The service account should exist as a Windows login in SQL Server, having sysadmin privileges. If you can start the Agent, you know you ve fulfilled this, because the Agent refuses to start unless it can log in to SQL Server with sysadmin privileges. Also, the account needs access to the right folders and shares and other resources for whatever you perform in the MP. When the plan has been executed, you might want to be notified. You can either set up notification of an Agent operator in the MP s Select Report Options dialog box, or you can specify notification at the job level. I prefer the former, because this allows me to include the information from the MP report file in the email, which means I can immediately start troubleshooting possible problems when I receive the email. You can also right-click an existing MP in SSMS and select View History, which will show the history information from MP history tables in msdb, such as sysmaintplan_log and sysmaintplan_logdetail.
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22 Placing SQL Server in your pocket
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In the previous chapter, you learned about inheritance and saw how to pass members onto child objects using classical, prototypal, deep copy, and mixin inheritance. As I noted at the end of that chapter, it s actually functions that are more often passed on to child objects. This is because common processes, as provided by a function, are frequently more useful than common data, as provided by members. In this chapter, I ll cover why you would want to use functions and how to take advantage of function inheritance. There are a lot of cool tricks to learn in this area and we ll take advantage of a lot of them in later chapters, as you ll see from the copious forward references. In other words, this is quite an important chapter. In addition to the function subtype, arrays are a second subtype of the object value type. Arrays are special primarily due to the predefined methods they inherit from Array.prototype. We ll explore those methods in this chapter.
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VoiceBox Settings
Table 15.7 Values for the JournalOwnership property of the Frame class Description If the frame control is a top-level frame and is running in-browser, the browser s journal is used. Otherwise, the frame maintains its own journal. The frame maintains its own journal. Uses the browser s journal. This may only be used with a top-level (not nested) frame.
50 other tests that initialize the code. At this point, your constructor could use a facelift. Whatever logic it does have is beginning to be hidden by the many parameters. Fortunately, using property getters and setters can solve this problem easily, as we ll see in section 3.4.4.
This is an overview of the classes in the Threading namespace. The Thread class and the ThreadStart delegate are critical to managed threading. Without them it would be impossible to create multithreaded managed programs in the .NET framework. Thread class The Thread class represents a managed thread. The CurrentThread property is used to retrieve a reference to the currently executing managed thread. This is similar to the AppDomain.GetDomain method we discussed earlier. The following is an example of using the CurrentThread property: THREADS 41
Now that your assert messages are understandable, it s time to make sure that the assert happens on a different line than the method call.
We return to our case study with a version of the poker machine which uses a RemPokService object to deal and draw cards. The service supports both server-activated Singleton mode and client-activated mode on either TCP or HTTP channels.
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