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The Layer.Delete method removes a Layer object from the Layers collection. This method takes no parameters and has no return value: LayerObject.Delete Within certain restrictions appearing in the following list, it s possible to delete a layer whenever you choose. A layer may not be deleted if It is the active layer. It is layer 0 (zero). It contains entities. It is an Xref-dependent layer. If a layer contains entities in model space, any paper space layout, or any block definition, it can t be deleted. There s no definitive way to tell which entities are referenced by a specific layer short of doing an exhaustive search of each of these collections. If all entities are moved to another layer, you can then delete the layer. Xref-dependent layers are created when an external reference file is attached and activated. Entities in the current drawing can t reside on Xref-dependent layers. Furthermore, these layers are simply duplications of the layers in the external drawing and aren t saved with the current drawing, so there s no need to delete them. Remember, AutoCAD creates certain layers automatically for its own purposes. An example of this is the special DEFPOINTS layer, which is created during dimensioning. I discuss dimensions in 11. The following example deletes a layer based on user input: Public Sub DeleteLayer() On Error Resume Next Dim strLayerName As String Dim objLayer As AcadLayer
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button to see all the books you have purchased or downloaded for your library.
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The ElementsBeforeThis and ElementsAfterThis Methods
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Using Not-Good Variables
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The RDF fork: RSS 1.0
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18.3 Using sessions with Enter-PSSession
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We will now focus on one of the concepts I mentioned earlier only in passing: eventhandling. The four lines of code that follow deal with related events and the methods by which we want the computer to deal with these events. examples
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What iTunes can do for you Common questions The iTunes guided tour Changing views in iTunes Playing songs, videos, and more Finding things in iTunes Creating a new playlist The iTunes Genius feature Home Sharing
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This query returns all users with no email address. The same semantic is available in the ICriteria API:
Listing 12.7 Adding an order-by combo
Amazing Technicolor Dream Particle
AutoCAD VBA uses a View object to represent a view. When you create a new drawing, no views are set up. All the views that you save in a drawing become members of the Views collection. The following code iterates through the Views collection and displays the names of saved views. Public Sub DisplayViews() Dim objView As AcadView Dim strViewNames As String If ThisDrawing.Views.Count > 0 Then For Each objView In ThisDrawing.Views strViewNames = strViewNames & objView.Name & vbCrLf Next MsgBox "The following views are saved for this drawing:" & vbCrLf _ & strViewNames Else MsgBox "There are no saved View objects in the Views collection." End If End Sub
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