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CHAPTER 11: Unit Testing in Xcode
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If you are a former BlackBerry user or had an older iPhone, you might be familiar with the feature that will automatically put in a period at the end of the sentence when you double-press the Space key. This is exactly the same feature that you can enable on the iPhone. By default, this is also set to ON.
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Generating interface and implementation files The last step is to generate the class s interface (.h) and implementation (.m) files and add them to the Project Builder CocoaWGet project. The generated interface file contains the outlets and actions you created, and the implementation file contains the method definitions. In addition, the application s Nib files contain all the application resources, object instances, and connections for the outlets and actions. You generate the CocoaWGet class files as follows:
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ContinueProcessing = false;
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You can also specify a subset of the properties to display. For example, to display only the vendor and caption fields, you would do 500 A P P E N D I X B: A D M I N E X A M P L E S
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Insert unchanged row
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-[NSFileManager fileExistsAtPath:] -[NSFileManager isReadableFileAtPath:] -[NSFileManager isWritableFileAtPath:] NSFilePosixPermissions
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<ListBox Name="listBox1" ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource zoo},Path=JustTheAs}" />
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Tap any image to see the app or category.
The full ANSI standard specification of the OVER clause includes windowing extensions that allow for simple specification of running totals. This would result in short queries with probably very good performance if SQL Server had implemented them. Unfortunately, these extensions aren t available in any current version of SQL Server, so we still have to code the running totals ourselves.
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This chapter provided an introduction to several key parts of the Cocoa GUI experience, as well as a few examples of how the responder chain is used. These features are crucial to making a professional-quality Mac application. Mac users tend to be pretty unforgiving when applications use non-standard behaviors without a good reason, so it s important to know how to deal with windows and menus in ways that users will recognize. In the next chapter, we ll build on this knowledge as we explore Cocoa s classes for dealing with documents and their associated windows.
CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
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