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PS (5) > $a[0] = "hello" Array assignment to [0] failed: Cannot convert "hello" to "System.Int32". Error: "Input string was not in a correct format.". At line:1 char:4 + $a[0 <<<< ] = "hello"
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SQL Server 2008 makes it easy to track the features that will be removed in future
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IMPLEMENT THE STRETCH TO FIT MENU OPTION Action 1 Find the OnPaint method in the MainForm.cs file. Result
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The CreateChildControls method makes the standard check to see if the RssFeedUrl property has a value. If it does, CreateChildControls creates an UpdatePanel object B. The button is then added to the control tree. It has no click event defined because you don t need to execute any specific code if it s clicked; you just need it to trigger an update. So you connect the button to the update panel using a trigger on the update panel. An AsyncPostBackTrigger C is created that takes the control ID D of the button as an argument. When the user clicks the button, this trigger will fire and a partial postback will occur. Finally, the UpdatePanel object is added to the control tree. This partial postback will only update the UpdatePanel in the user interface. To retrieve the feed and also add information about when the feed last was retrieved, you add logic to the OnPreRender method. The implementation, in listing 10.2, looks quite similar to what you just did to render the RSS Web Part with a few differences.
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Windows and DBA privilege separation
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This section has two main objectives. First, we introduce an imaginary company, Adventure Works Cycles (AWC), which we reference throughout the rest of this book. We will discuss various hypothetical reporting challenges that AWC faces and implement solutions to address them. Second, we get our feet wet and create our first report using the Visual Studio .NET Report Wizard and the AdventureWorks2000 sample database. Granted, this is going to be a simple tabular-style report, but as simple as it is, it showcases all the phases of the report lifecycle. We also use this report in the next three chapters as a practical example to expand our knowledge about RS.
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btnMoveUp.Enabled = false; . . . btnMoveDown.Enabled = false; . . .
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NSString *filename = @"draft-chapter.pages"; if ([fileName hasPrefix: @"draft") { // this is a draft } if ([fileName hasSuffix: @".mov") { // this is a movie }
The LoadPostData method makes sure that the child controls collection is created and then locates the postback id for the list box control. This is done using a LINQ query that finds the control ending with the id of the list box. The $ sign is used by ASP.NET to generate the unique postback names for the controls in the control tree. Each control is given the id of their parent control, which is appended with the $ sign and then the id of the actual control. The value of the list box that was posted back to the control is then set to the Text property. To inform the ASP.NET runtime that you want to catch the postback data, you first have to register it. The registration is done in the overridden OnPreRender method. Override the OnPreRender method and add the following:
// file: helloclientca3.cs // compile: csc /r:helloservice.exe helloclientca3.cs using using using using System; System.Threading; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime;
using System; using System.Windows.Forms;
CocoaWGet: implementing code with Project Builder
how to query correctly to get good performance. Several techniques can be used to improve the performance of the server-side executed code. Caching is the next step to take once you ve optimized your code. Caching allows the server to temporarily store already calculated or executed operations, thereby delivering them much faster to the client. SharePoint offers a number of configuration options to help you enhance performance.
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