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You may have given the color string #C830019F a double-take if you re used to sixdigit HTML hex colors. Colors in Silverlight are typically expressed as eight-digit hex numbers, the first pair representing the alpha component and the remaining three pairs the red, green, and blue components in that order. In the color #C830019F, the values are Alpha: 0xC8, Red: 0x30, Green: 0x01, and Blue: 0x9F. The alpha component is optional, so you may use an HTML-style hex color if you wish. For consistency across the application, I recommend you specify the alpha value and use all eight digits without any shortcuts.
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Let s now discuss each of these three drivers in more detail in turn.
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PropertyInfo pi = typeof(Photograph). GetProperty(lstPhotos.DisplayMember); object propValue = pi.GetValue(p, null); g.DrawString(propValue.ToString(), e.Font, _textBrush, textRect);
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PS (7) > $intList.Add("abc") Cannot convert argument "0", with value: "abc", for "Add" t o type "System.Int32": "Cannot convert value "abc" to type "System.Int32". Error: "Input string was not in a correct f ormat."" At line:1 char:13 + $intList.Add( <<<< "abc")
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You have much to gain from eliminating index data from backups by the method described in this chapter. Reductions in disk space required to store backups, time taken to process routine backups, and also energy consumed in the process, are all real, tangible benefits. As with many other technology choices, these advantages need to be weighed against the inconvenience of a slightly more complex and time-consuming restore process in the event that a database needs to be fully reconstructed from backup. In many cases, though, restoration of backups is only performed for ad hoc extraction of historical data, in which case using this technique makes the restoration process faster, allowing quicker recovery of data. Another benefit is that the reduction in size of backup files from this technique also allows for more copies of historical backups to be maintained. Although this might not be of significant value with smaller databases, with larger databases it could
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The basics
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The earliest versions of iCal also required you to supply a value for the make command s at parameter: end of calendar. Newer versions are smart enough to work this out for themselves.
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Querying an Interface s Flags Using the SIOCGIFFLAGS IO Control
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From the Dictionary: choose folder
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embedded functions 188 expression-based queries 89 Employee Performance Summary chart 145 Employee Sales Freeform 152 EnableExternalImages 415 EnableReportDesignClientDownload 254 encryption key 304 EnforceConstraints 415 enterprise application integration
Web Part Connections
typedef FuncPtr float (*FuncPtr)( int * );
Here is our fictitious scenario. Imagine that the AWC management has asked to see forecasted monthly sales data grouped by product category. These are the design goals of the sample report that we are going to create: Allow the user to generate a crosstab report of sales data for an arbitrary period. Allow the user to specify the number of forecasted columns. Use data extrapolation to forecast the sales data. To make these more interesting, let s allow the report users to specify a data range to filter the sales data, as well as the number of forecasted months. To accomplish our requirements, we author a crosstab report, Sales by Product Category, as shown in figure 6.4.
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