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Note If MCMS 2002 is not installed in the default location, you may experience problems with the WoodgroveNet sample site or other installed Web projects. Refer to the MCMS 2002 Readme file for more details.
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The first thing you should do now is enter the Bundle ID you ve entered for your app in iTunes Connect. Remember that while I m using com.learn-cocos2d as the Bundle ID for the example projects, you can t use the same because it s already taken now, and Bundle IDs must be unique.
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Creating your own cmdlets and modules
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Listing 9
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function global:new ([string] $type) { $definition = $__ClassTable__[$type] if (! $definition) { throw "$type is undefined" } __new_instance $definition }
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public boolean isIdentity() { return true; } public Matrix multiply(Matrix right) { return right; } protected Matrix leftMultiply(Matrix leftMatrix) { return leftMatrix; } public Matrix transpose() { return this; } } The IdentityMatrix subclass only represents identity matrices. It overrides the math methods of Matrix with optimized versions. It can intercept multiplications whether it s the left or right operand by overriding both multiply(Matrix) and leftMultiply(Matrix). Now, whenever a Matrix object is created for an identity matrix, the makeMatrix( ) method creates an instance of IdentityMatrix instead. This is completely transparent to the client; the client treats all objects as if they were Matrix objects. Operations between Matrix and IdentityMatrix objects are optimized by the overridden IdentityMatrix methods. Finally, the code that uses the Matrix class is modified to use the new Matrix factory method, shown in Listing 22-6.
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A common trick to increase the throughput for your application, especially now that clients often have significant bandwidth at their disposal, is to spread the application network requests across separate subdomains. Take these, for example:
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deviceid freespace ---------------C: 97778954240 T: 31173663232 D: 932118528
"Hello World!" "42" "" To include double quotes in your string literals, use the backslash (\) character to escape them, like this: set x to "Press the \"OK\" button" --> x = Press the "OK" button Another way to include double quotes in your string is to use the quote variable, like this: set x to "Press the " & quote & "OK" & quote & " button" --> x = Press the "OK" button You also have to escape the backslash if you want to include it in a string literal, like this: set x to "This is a backslash: \\" --> x = This is a backslash: \
name total_buffer_size ------------- ------------------------------------------------------------system_health 4324761
CHAPTER 10: Demystiying Apple s Push Notification Service
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Figure 12-28. The choose file dialog box with access to bundle contents
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