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The first step is to go through each of the command-line parameter binding steps named parameters, positional parameters, and finally dynamic parameters (see chapter 2 for more information for each of these steps).
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Practical auditing in SQL Server 2008
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For the second example of monitoring using Instruments, open up the Text Pal application from 3. This is a Document-based application that can read and write files. With the project open, choose Run Run with Performance Tool File Activity. You will see the Instruments window along with the Text Pal program document window (you may also see a password dialog to authorize Instruments to use admin privileges for some instruments). Add some text to the document, save it, close it, read it in again, modify it,
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The simplest version of the Main() function will already be familiar to you from other examples: using System; class Test { public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hello, Universe!"); } }
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Planning and Implementing Multitier Applications Using Windows Server 2003 Security Services Kerberos Protocol Transition and Constrained Delegation
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This should give you a project window like the one in Figure 13 18. The final step is to edit the DailyJournal-Info.plist file so that it links to the help folder and the welcome file. Choose the .plist file in the Detail pane so that you have the content in the code editor window. Next, right-click on the Information Property List title and choose Add Row from the contextual menu. This adds a blank row to the .plist file and pops up a menu of available .plist keys. Choose Help Book directory name and add the value DailyJournal (as that was the name of the folder containing help content). Add another row with the key Help Book Identifier, and set the value of this to DailyJournal Help. Note that this is the same as the value that you put into the meta tag for AppleTitle in the help welcome page (look back to Listing 13 1).
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We create an ILGenerator instance and create a reference, conObj to System.Object s constructor. We use ILGenerator.Emit to write IL into the constructor. The OpCodes enumeration contains enumerated names for all the instructions in IL. The real work happens in the Main method:
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therefore, to get 100 percent of bike buyers, you still need 100 percent of the population. But you get interesting results somewhere between 0 and 100 percent of the population. For example, with the best-performing model in this demo case, the line right below the Ideal Model line, you can see that if you select 70 percent of the population based on this model, you d get nearly 90 percent of bike buyers. You can see in the Mining Legend window that this is the Decision Trees model. Therefore, in this case, you should decide to deploy the Decision Trees model into production. In order to create a Lift Chart, follow these steps:
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The responder chain is also used for some other miscellaneous purposes. It s used to translate error objects (see 14) and to determine what services are available (services is a plug-in architecture that lets other applications interact with yours). The responder chain will deeply influence how, and specifically where, you implement the functionality of your applications. When designing Cocoa applications, keep these guidelines in mind: Implement a menu item action in the object that s in the responder chain when the menu command is applicable, and not in the chain when it isn t. In general, actions should be implemented in the root object that encompasses the domain of the action: A command that reads or writes the document should be implemented in the document object, not the window. Actions that change the state of the data model should be implemented in the controller or data model object, not the view. Views should implement editing actions directly, but the final change should be sent as a discrete action to a controller or data model. Implement your target action in the logically correct object in the hierarchy, even if it duplicates a function elsewhere and does nothing but send a single message to another object. It s easier than trying to fight the organization of the responder chain. That finally brings us to the end of view objects. Your application s entire look and feel is implemented by view objects, so they have a lot to do. The next couple of sections will explore data model objects and, finally, controller objects.
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Figure 13.9 Books.aspx page used to display the list of the books contained in the LinqBooks database
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Let s say you have a mutable array, and you want to yank out all the items that don t belong. NSMutableArray has a method -filterUsingPredicate, which, handily enough, will do just the yanking we re looking for:
Once you have your iPhone in your hands you will notice how beautifully it is constructed. You will also notice that it can be fairly slippery and could slip out of your hands, rock around a bit, or have the back get scratched when you are typing on it. We recommend buying a protective case for your iPhone. Average cases run about US $10 40 and fancy leather cases can cost US $100 or more. Spending a little to protect your iPhone, which costs $200 or more, makes good sense.
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