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Now that you have your iPhone charged, with a clean screen, registered, and decked out with a new protective case, let s take a look at some of the basics to help you get around with the software.
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The standard C library provides function calls to create, read, and write files, such as open(), read(), write(), fopen(), and fread(). These functions are well documented elsewhere, so we won t talk about them. Cocoa provides Core Data, which handles all this file stuff behind the scenes for you. We won t be talking about this either. So what does that leave us Cocoa provides two general classes of file handling: property lists and object encoding, which we ll talk about here.
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Objective-C provides a variety of communication technologies, which reflect the wide range of communication problems facing modern applications. From simple notifications to distributed objects, the solution you choose will depend on the kind of problem you re trying to solve. In most cases, Objective-C solutions will parallel the ones you re familiar with in Java, although the implementation details may vary substantially.
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// Assume these variables exist and point at valid objects NSString *quoteInput; NSString *characterInput; NSString *showNameInput; NSPredicate *p = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"(quoteText CONTAINS[cd] %@) OR " "(character CONTAINS[cd] %@) OR " "( CONTAINS[cd] %@)", quoteInput, characterInput, showNameInput];
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Java protects you from physical memory by purposefully omitting any programming construct that gives the programmer direct access to arbitrary memory locations. In Java, you only have access to named primitives and references to objects.
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iTunes allows you to control the equalizer using AppleScript. The equalizer contains properties for each one of the ten bands and for the preamp, which is the leftmost slider in the equalizer. Although it could be nicer if every band in the equalizer was an element of the equalizer, it makes sense to have them as properties since the equalizer has a fixed number of bands and all you can do is get and set their values. Script 26-2 will be music to your ears, especially if you value alternative forms of music. It will, until stopped, change the bands of the manual equalizer preset to random numbers from 12 to 12. Script 26-2. tell application "iTunes" play set current EQ preset to EQ preset "Manual" repeat tell EQ preset "Manual" set preamp to random number from -12 to 12 set band 1 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 2 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 3 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 4 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 5 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 6 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 7 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 8 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 9 to random number from -12 to 12 set band 10 to random number from -12 to 12 end tell end repeat end tell
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2. Next, you ll need to tell your instance of CLLocationManager that you d like to start updating the user s location information. Put this code into the viewDidLoad method of RootViewController so that when the station list initially loads, we also begin attempting to locate the user. 3. CLLocationMethod also accepts a delegate object. In this case, we ll set the delegate property to self so that the RootViewController is notified when the user s location changes:
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2009-07-26 19:52:55.415 2Push2[3046:207] didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError:Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3000 UserInfo=0x12faa0 "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application"
If the iPad is unable to log in to your server given just your e-mail address and password, then you see a screen similar to this one. Under Incoming Mail Server, type the appropriate information into the Host Name, User Name, and Password fields. Usually, your incoming mail server is something like Type in Outgoing Mail Server information, which usually looks like either or You can try to leave the Name and Password fields blank if that doesn t work, you can always go back and change them.
Using XML to transport relational data
CHAPTER 16: Key-Value Coding
10. Set the content view s frame.size to the contentSize you took a snapshot of in step 1. This is a little counterintuitive. The numeric values of the new content size are being reset to the same values as those the scroll view calculated for the transformed zoomed view but are now reinterpreted in a new overall scroll view frame. Essentially, Apple already did the math for you, so you re reusing its values in a new context. 11. Set the scroll view s contentSize to the scaled contentSize you took a snapshot of in step 1. This stretches the overall size of the view to match the new zoom level (but without any affine transform applied).
10.2.1 Approving a new auction
Figure 3.11 You associate the dataset with a data source from the Dataset dialog box.
allows us to specify the binding inline. For example, we could write our binding to WorkingSet like this:
If you re sure that you no longer require a menu group, you can unload it from the AutoCAD session using the Unload method, which is the programmatic counterpart to using the MENULOAD and MENUUNLOAD commands. MenuGroupObject.Unload When you unload a menu group, any references you ve set up through code to the menus and toolbars contained in that group become invalid. It s wise, therefore, to release all such references before you use this method.
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