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Setting the Default Selection
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The DataGrid can use any column that derives from DataGridColumn. These columns can be added to a DataGrid at design time through the Columns property. This approach is demonstrated in listing 12.2.
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In this chapter, we ve covered a pretty wide range of material about Core Data. You ve learned about creating a model file in Xcode, and about using the combo of Core Data and Cocoa Bindings to quickly put together a decent GUI. You ve also gotten some idea of the underpinnings of how Core Data stores its data, and learned some basics about implementing your own business logic. In 8 you ll build on this knowledge, learning how to complete your data models by adding relationships.
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The Thread window after the WebClient object creates additional threads
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CHAPTER 8: Variable Data Types
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Build & Run now, and you ll see that when you click the button, it starts moving slowly, then gradually builds up steam and moves more quickly, only to taper off its speed as it reaches its target. Under the hood, these timing functions work by providing a simple mapping for a value shifting from 0.0 to 1.0, using a pair of control points to describe a curve between the two. Does that ring a bell This seems like the perfect use for the curve editing control we implemented in the first half of this chapter! We can use the curve editor to define the timing that will be applied to the button s movement each time we click it. Start by adding the CurveView class files from the previous project. In the MovingButton project, right-click on the Classes group, then select Add Existing Files... from the context menu. Navigate to the location of CurveView.h and CurveView.m, select them both, and click the Add button. In the sheet that appears, click to turn on the Copy items into destination group s folder checkbox, and make sure the MovingButton target is checked in the lower part of the sheet (see figure 14 3).
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Controlling the host window
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Specific Windows Forms concepts we will cover in this chapter include: Form inheritance: what is it and how do you do it Basic Windows Forms controls: the Label, TextBox, Button, RadioButton, and CheckBox classes. Container controls such as Panel and GroupBox objects. In addition, we will also look at the following related concepts: The C# delegate keyword. The System.DateTime structure. Keyboard and focus events for controls. Using the Control.Tag property. To enable our discussion of all this and more, we will create two modal dialog boxes for our form, shown in the first section as figure 9.1. These will represent various settings the user can modify on an individual photograph or entire album. While we will discuss each control generally, these two dialogs will serve to demonstrate the creation and usage of each control as we move through the chapter. We begin our discussion with form inheritance.
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23.3.1 Building a control template
This is the default Silverlight namespace. It provides your applications with core Silverlight elements. For that reason, this namespace generally omits a prefix, making it the default namespace within the page. Such approach enables you to reference elements within this specific namespace without having to include the prefix. xmlns:x="" This is the common XAML namespace. It provides functionality that s common across XAML. It s important to remember that XAML is used by other technologies such as WPF, Oslo, and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), all of which need access to common features such as Name, Key, and Class properties.
CHAPTER 6: Sprites In-Depth
Configuring BDC search
[self touchesEnded:touches withEvent:event];
Script 12-8. set state_list to {"NY", "RI", "GA", "CA", "WA"} set chosen_states to choose from list state_list OK button name "Make a Pick" cancel button name "Na..."
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Web Parts are one of the building blocks in SharePoint. Web Parts can act alone or together with other Web Parts. The Web Part infrastructure is defined in ASP.NET 2. Web Parts are managed through a Web Part Manager object. Web Parts exist inside or outside of Web Part zones. Pages in SharePoint host the Web Part zones.
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