Advanced mapping concepts in visual C#

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Limiting the Object Graph
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C# programming language 6, 58 C++ programming language 58 CAB (cabinet) files 172 cache dependencies 233 CacheDependency class 233 caching 15, 131, 153, 222, 232, 235, 362 Calendars lists 4 call stack 203, 215 callback methods 348 CallStack property 209 CAML (Collaboration Markup Language) 33, 95, 223, 226 Cancel button 131 CanConvertFrom method 139 CanConvertTo method 139 canHandleCommand 268 CAS (Code Access Security) policies 190, 192 cascaded drop-down list 96 CatalogIconImageUrl property 105 catalogs 12 Categories Web Parts 35, 385 Category attribute 115, 119 CDATA element 370 Central Administration 26, 49, 184, 186, 189, 204, 305 chaining results 337 Chart Web Part 400 CheckRuntimeRender method 142 Choice Filter Web Parts 35, 354, 401 chrome 5, 10, 124 ChromeState option 84 CKS:DEV extensions 326, 361 class diagram designer 319 ClassResource type 152 ClassResourcePath 152 client context 277, 282, 289 Client Object Model 15, 32, 275, 366 client operating system (OS) 56 client runtime proxy 275, 289 client-side API 275
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Converting a NodeList to an Array for Internet Explorer
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Modification is any code within the loop that changes the value of the loop s expression. In our example, the modification occurred within the expression itself when the counter, i, was incremented. Termination is any condition that causes the loop to terminate. In our example, termination occurs when the expression has a value of false. This occurs when the counter, i, has a value that is not less than 3. Take a look at this example:
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Figure 8.11 An example reminders file and a text-based calendar, generated using remind
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Occasionally, you might want to go back to the original, factory default icon settings. This might be the case when you ve moved too many new icons to your first page and want to see all the basic icons again. To do this, touch the Settings icon. Then touch General in the left column and, finally, scroll all the way to the bottom to touch Reset in the right column.
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14.2 Connecting Web Parts
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WPF from 723 feet
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Height versus ActualHeight 156 HorizontalAlignment 142 HorizontalContentAlignment 236 Id 77 ignoreBrowserVer 68 IgnoredValue 482 ImageSource 529, 619 in XAML 26 27 inline 26 Inlines 211 IsActive 121 IsCaseSensitive 482 IsChecked 243 IsComposable 473 IsDefault 473 IsDropDownOpen 249 IsEnabled 236 IsFullScreen 127 IsItemsHost 702 IsLoading 490 IsMuted 582 IsPressed 240 IsReadOnly 218, 228, 292 IsSubmitting 491 IsTabStop 236 IsThreeState 245 IsValid 303 isWindowless 65 Item 316 Items 246, 689 ItemSource 16 ItemsPanel 246 ItemsSource 246 ItemsTemplate 246 JournalOwnership 406 Key 192 KeySpline 657 KeyTime 659 LabelPosition 299 LastOperation 374 Left 173 LeftProperty 145 LineHeight 214 LoadSize 486 looping 646 Margin 143 Markers 590 MaxDropDownHeight 249 MaxLength 218 Message 378 Multiselect 413 Name 82, 305, 692 NameScope 378
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Protected Methods OnInsert
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In this chapter we showed you how to manage the Report Server environment. Most of the time, you ll rely on the Report Manager or the SQL Server Management Studio to perform day-to-day administration activities, such as managing folders, reports, and resources. We emphasized the fact that behind the scenes the Report Manager performs management tasks using the RS SOAP APIs. You can call these APIs programmatically in your applications to query and manage the report repository. If you need to manage multiple Report Servers from a single location, you can use the RS WMI provider. We showed you how this could be done in the RS Console sample. You learned that the SQL Server Management Studio mirrors much of the administrative features of the Report Manager, thus giving you a comfortable tool to manage Reporting Services items. You can write script files in VB .NET and execute them with the RS script host. This option doesn t require advanced development skills. Scripts can be easily executed and scheduled to run at specific time. RS also provides a few management utilities that you can use to perform specific tasks, such as activating a Report Server instance, changing database settings, and saving the encryption keys.
With the previous mapping, the association between Bid and Item is fairly loose. You d use this mapping in a real system if both entities had their own lifecycle and were created and removed in unrelated business processes. Certain associations are much stronger than this; some entities are bound together so that their lifecycles aren t truly independent. In the example, it seems reasonable that deletion of an item implies deletion of all bids for the item. A particular bid instance references only one item instance for its entire lifetime. In this case, cascading both saves and deletions makes sense. If you enable cascading delete, the association between Item and Bid is called a parent/child relationship. In a parent/child relationship, the parent entity is responsible for the lifecycle of its associated child entities. This is the same semantic as a composition (using NHibernate components), but in this case only entities are involved; Bid isn t a value type. The advantage of using a parent/child relationship is that the child may be loaded individually or referenced directly by another entity. A bid, for example, may be loaded and manipulated without retrieving the owning item. It may be
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Adding files to the recursive target
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