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Table 1.3 Edition Standard Enterprise Developer RS supports editions to meet various reporting needs Choose when You need to install RS on a single computer. The Standard edition doesn t support clustered deployment to load-balance multiple RS instances. You need all RS features, including load balancing. You have to integrate RS with client applications or extend its capabilities by writing .NET code. The Developer edition supports the same feature set as the Enterprise edition, but it is for use as a test and development system, not as a production server. You need to evaluate RS. The Evaluation edition expires after 120 days.
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DELEGATES A delegate is a reference type that encapsulates one or more methods. A delegate is created with a defined method signature, and any method in any class or structure that adheres to this defined signature may be assigned to the delegate. Each method assigned to a delegate is referred to as a callable entity. In the .NET Framework, a delegate is a class implicitly derived from the System.Delegate class. Note that an instance of a delegate, since it is implicitly a class, has a default value of null. Delegates are declared and used somewhat like function pointers in C++, except that delegates encapsulate both an object instance and a method. This encapsulation of the object as well as the method permits delegates to refer to both static and instance 653
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This anti-pattern is similar to the in-memory state corruption pattern, but it happens in integration-style testing: Tests touch shared resources (either in memory or in external resources, such as databases, filesystems, and so on) without cleaning up or rolling back any changes they make to those resources. Tests don t set up the initial state they need before they start running, relying on the state to be there. Now that we ve looked at isolating tests, let s manage our asserts to make sure we get the full story when a test fails.
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2.3 Blog Poster for Java
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This listing demonstrates how a scriptable object can be accessed from a plug-in instance. This plug-in gives you the ability to use managed code from JavaScript. This can be valuable in situations where you don t need the rich visual features of
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You might decide you don t want your kids listening to explicit lyrics in music on your iPhone. You may also want to block them from visit YouTube or any other web site. Setting these restrictions is quite easy on your iPhone.
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CHAPTER 10: Windows and Menus and Sheets
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firstPress: LINQ to ADO.NET
We will discuss the Sleep method in more detail in the next chapter. In the Main method of our example, we have the following:
Let s explore some of the options in the Data Source View Designer. By clicking on tables and columns and viewing the properties window, you can see that they all have an attribute named FriendlyName. Modifying this attribute allows the Report Builder to interpret the column and table names so that they are more useful to the end user. Figure 7.13 shows the options available by right-clicking on the Production. Product table.
Let s Get Some Code Down
You may be familiar with code generation: Cocoa accessor-writing utilities and UI builders on other platforms generate source code, which is then compiled. But @synthesize is not code generation. You won t ever see the code that implements -setRainHandling: and -rainHandling, but these methods will exist and will be callable. This gives Apple the flexibility of changing the way accessors are generated in Objective-C, possibly leading to safer implementations or better performance.
You can double-click the executable, which will have the default icon that resembles a sheet of paper with a letter A on it (or the custom one you assigned), to run it. The main menu is part of your application by default, allowing the user to quit the application by selecting File Quit or by pressing Cmd+Q. As you can see, a lot of functionality is built into a FaceSpan project without you having to even think about it.
The following command compares the two files and displays any differences:
Listing 9.11
cell.textLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@: %@",, result.number];
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