Mapping collections of value types in C#

Implementation barcode 39 in C# Mapping collections of value types

The user-defined command handlers you write in your scripts are commonly referred to as subroutines, and you can generally talk about calling a subroutine rather than sending a user-defined command to a script. The meanings are essentially the same it s just less of a mouthful to say.
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The clipboard info command returns some information about the contents of the clipboard, as shown in the following example: set the clipboard to "Paste me!" clipboard info --> {{string, 9}} The result shows that the clipboard contains a string of 9 bytes. Next, here s an example of the clipboard information after copying text from TextEdit: clipboard info --> {{Unicode text, 1142}, {scrap styles, 62}, {string, 571}, {uniform styles, 564}, { class ut16 , 1144}, { class utf8 , 575}, { class RTF , 914}} The result is a list containing all the formats TextEdit used to place the same data on the clipboard. It shows that the basic character information is available in any of four formats: string and three Unicode encodings (Unicode text, class ut16 , and class utf8 ). Also, some separate style information is available (scrap styles and uniform styles) for applications that know how to combine this with one of the previous character-only formats. Finally, the data is available in RTF ( class RTF ), which combines both character and style information in a single format.
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Filtering and comparisons
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Exporting to Excel is one of RS s strengths. It allows users to build on the data in the report by performing additional analysis or building their own charts. Eventually, a lot of work gets put into these spreadsheets and users want to share them with others on a wider scale. You have several options at this point. One possibility is to use the spreadsheet as the specification for designing a report that does the same thing. Another option is to pull the report data into Excel. Excel has a couple of ways to do this. One way is to create a connection to the database and execute the query or stored procedure from within Excel. This can be done by either using Excel s support for creating the query or writing VBA code to pull in the data. Neither was what I was looking for. Creating the query required creating a database source name (DSN) on each computer. Writing VBA code required either embedding a username and password or using integrated security. As I said earlier, I try to touch the database as little as possible where it comes to security. I have only a single read-only user that s used by RS. That brings us to the possibility of using web queries. Web queries are an Excel feature that allows you to enter a URL during the design process of the web query; then Excel presents the web page and you pick the part you want to bring in. I put in a URL in the same format as used for the Jump to URL field and pick the table of data I m interested in. The first problem is that it only brings in the first page of data. This is resolved by setting the interactive height for the report to 0, which includes all the data returned with no paging. It works great. If all you want to do is perform a one-off data load when the spreadsheet is open, you have a URL that will work for your purposes. But if you want to allow refreshing the data, this solution won t work. What happens is the link being used by Excel is tied to the session being maintained by RS. Once enough time has passed that the session has timed out, Excel can no longer refresh the data.
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Finally, it s also possible to make a component immutable:
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The Responses tab is shown in Figure 5-13. This tab is used to configure any responses that the event rule will execute when an event that matches the rule is detected. These responses can carry out a variety of different functions, but the most commonly used responses are Launch a script, Send a notification to a Notification Group, and Execute a command or batch file. These responses will be covered in the Advanced Rule Configuration section later in this chapter.
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We define a class using the class keyword followed by the name of the class and then the class body contained in curly braces. In this example, the Person class body contains fields, methods, and properties. These are collectively known as class members. Fields, also called data members, are regular variables. Methods, also known as function members, contain executable code. The Test class in listing A.2 is used to execute the program and create an instance of the Person class:
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CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
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CONSTRAINT pk_fragments_persons PRIMARY KEY (fragment, person_id) )
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Creating a view to serve as a subscriber data source
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private void ReportViewerRemote_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { lblError.Text = ""; reportViewer1.ShowParameterPrompts = false; reportViewer1.Visible = false; }
DBA responsibilities
ITransformableFilterValues, IDefaultFilterValue
Tip This is one practical application for the @dynamic directive. Since the superclass already implements the
Now, let s use ROME to create a newsfeed writer that can generate newsfeeds in any RSS or Atom format. We ll design the writer so that it can be used dynamically from within a web application or statically from a command-line invocation. Our new class, DepotNewsfeedWriter, is shown in full in listing 8.1.
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