BdcHelpers.ExecuteGenericInvoker(lobSystemInstance, "dbo.OrdersUpdater", parameters);
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DateTime minDate = DateTime.MaxValue; DateTime maxDate = DateTime.MinValue; DateTime[] dates = new DateTime[_album.Count]; for (int i = 0; i < _album.Count; i++) { DateTime newDate = _album[i].DateTaken; dates[i] = newDate; if (newDate < minDate) minDate = newDate; if (newDate > maxDate) maxDate = newDate; if (_album.Count > 0) { monthCalDates.BoldedDates = dates; monthCalDates.MinDate = minDate; monthCalDates.MaxDate = maxDate; monthCalDates.SelectionStart = minDate; } }
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Using the Run AppleScript Action
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Then, click Yes to start.
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Note that automatic boxing means that you can use an array of objects as a generic collection:
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Further, let s assume that we need to differentiate between missing data and NULL values. When the underlying value is NULL, we translate it to zero. To meet this requirement, we can write a simple embedded function called GetValue(). Using the Code Editor To write custom embedded code, you use the Report Designer Code Editor, which you can invoke from the Report Properties dialog box. You can open this dialog box in one of three ways: Select the report by right-clicking the Report Selector and choosing Properties. Right-click anywhere on the report outside the body area, and choose Properties. Select Report Properties from the Report menu. Then, in the Report Properties dialog box, select the Code tab, as shown in figure 6.2. The function GetValue() can easily be replaced with an Iif-based expression; however, encapsulating the logic in an embedded function has two advantages. First, it centralizes the logic of the expression in one place instead of using Iif functions for every field in the report. Second, it makes the report more maintainable because if you decide to make a logical change to your function, you do not have to track down and change every Iif function in the report. As you can see, the Code Editor is nothing to brag about. It is implemented as a simple text area control, and its feature set does not go beyond copying and pasting text. For this reason, we highly recommend that you use a standard VB Windows Forms or Console application to write your VB .NET code in a civilized manner and then copy and paste it inside the Code Editor.
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You ve now seen some concrete examples of how to provide basic concurrency in your applications using both NSOperationQueue and GCD. Our simple example project doesn t do anything interesting, but these techniques can be applied to any situation where you have lengthy activities going on, and don t want to expose your users to the spinning busy-cursor. You ve also learned a bit about the new block syntax and how it can be used with GCD s dispatching functions to do work on background threads. Snow Leopard provides even more ways to use blocks, adding dozens of new methods to existing Cocoa classes. You ll learn about some of those, and a whole lot more, in our final chapter: Future Paths.
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Setting the User s Skin Preference
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This chapter covers
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Table 12-3. Select Method Modes
After the spriteBatch, which contains all the enemy sprites, there s an enemies CCArray that stores a list of enemies of each type. The updateCount variable is increased every frame and used to spawn enemies at regular intervals. The init method of the EnemyCache is quite similar to the BulletCache init with its initialization of the CCSpriteBatchNode:
return Name; } public override bool Equals(object o) { try { Card c = (Card)o; return c.Number == Number && c.Suit == Suit; } catch (Exception) { return false; } } public override int GetHashCode() { return (Suit<<4) + Number; } // private fields... private static string[] numberArray = {"2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","T","J","Q","K","A"}; private static string[] suitArray = {"C","D","H","S"}; private static string numberString = "23456789TJQKA"; private static string suitString = "CDHS"; } }
Task 9-13. Adding an XML Placeholder
Click Open
[Serializable] public class MonetaryAmount { private readonly double value; private readonly string currency;
A three-element array of doubles specifying the 3-D WCS coordinates of the translation vector s starting point. A three-element array of doubles specifying the 3-D WCS coordinates of the translation vector s ending point.
1. What s wrong with each of the following code fragments a. struct Employee {
Listing 15
Figure 7-12. The program power raises its first parameter to the power of the second parameter, returning the results in the third parameter.
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