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NOTE: In iPhone OS 3.0, symbolicatecrash has been moved to a new location: /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Library/PrivateFramew orks/DTDeviceKit.framework/Versions/A/Resources/. However, you might want to copy it into a location that s part of your path so that you can just execute it by typing symbolicatecrash into a terminal instead of the whole path. CAUTION: There are known bugs in symbolicatecrash for iPhone OS 2.x. Bryan Henry has posted a fixed version of the script at http://openradar.appspot.com/6438643. You run symbolicatecrash from the command line. Open a terminal window, and pass it a crash file as a parameter. If you need to symbolicate it against a specific dSYM file, you can pass that in as an optional parameter:
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Interactive playback
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CHAPTER 11: Working with Tilemaps
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The folder name Fonts is the location where the original TTF file is placed in the project. The zip name is the name Expression Blend generated for the archive, and the name after the hash tag is the name after the font. Note that this can be different from the TTF filename itself. The issue isn t really the technical aspect of embedding itself (it s just a zip file embedded into the DLL as a resource); it s the act of subsetting the font that makes embedding legal for those fonts that support it. Expression Blend actually creates a subset font that has only the glyphs (characters) you use in your application. In short, though you may find a way to manually embed the fonts, you re better off trusting Expression Blend to do it for you.
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How do I shred XML data
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ADO.NET s SqlClient data provider looks for an installed instance of SQL Express. This option works only against SQL Server Express. If found, the SQL Server Express master and msdb databases are copied to the user s directory. The database file (.mdb) as specified in the AttachDBFilename key is also copied to the user directory. A user-owned instance of SQL Server is started as a process owned by the user not as a service, so it does not appear in Services.msc. At this point, tempdb, model, trace, and the transaction log files are created.
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CHAPTER 7: More About Xcode
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Private/Public Demarcation
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of your own, download the evaluation image from Microsoft at www.microsoft.com/ downloads/ and search for 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine.
Figure 7-4. OfflineMailerAppDelegate.m s applicationDidFinishLaunching: method
WaitHandle Class
Open Panels and Save Panels
function toggleSheet(element) { var sheet = element.sheet || element.styleSheet; sheet.disabled = ! sheet.disabled; } toggleSheet(document.getElementById("spriteStyles"));
from book in SampleData.Books group book by book.Publisher into publisherBooks select new { Publisher=publisherBooks.Key.Name, Books=publisherBooks };
The sections of the application definition file
9.4.7 Use NDepend to investigate your production code
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