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The Blogger API is an XML -RPC based blogging API that was created by Pyra Labs for use with, but it s too limited for most applications. The MetaWeblog API is an XML -RPC based API created by Userland Software to complement and overcome the metadata shortcomings of the Blogger API. By building a blog client library, we can make blog application development easier and enable our applications to target both XML -RPC based APIs and the Atom protocol.
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CHAPTER 10: Demystiying Apple s Push Notification Service
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Setup methods can only help when you need to initialize things. Setup methods aren t always the best candidate for duplication removal. Removing duplication isn t always about creating and initializing new instances of objects. Sometimes it s about removing duplication in assertion logic, calling out code in a specific way. Setup methods can t have parameters or return values. Setup methods can t be used as factory methods that return values. They re run before the test executes, so they must be more generic in the way they work. Tests sometimes need to request specific things or call shared code with a parameter for the specific test (for example, retrieve an object and set its property to a specific value). Setup methods should only contain code that applies to all the tests in the current test class, or the method will be harder to read and understand.
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Other migration techniques include using the Copy Database wizard (in Management Studio, right-click a database and choose Tasks > Copy Database) and manually creating the database on the new 2008 instance from script and performing bulk copy operations. Table 4.1 compares the attributes of the various upgrade techniques.
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A key factor in becoming a great developer is a good understanding of how end users work with the tools that SharePoint 2010 provides. As a developer, you may often be asked to build a solution or a Web Part that accomplishes a specific task. Taking advantage of the out-of-the-box features can get you up to speed faster. Sometimes, you may even end up with a solution that requires no programming and no new code. As you learned in the first chapter, the best SharePoint developers know how to leverage the platform and use the tools that SharePoint supplies. You ll most likely build better Web Parts if you know how your end users will use your Web Parts and how they ll create their own applications using them. In this chapter, we ll explore a few of those possibilities.
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Not too scary. So let s turn our attention to the initialization of the TableSetup class right away in Listing 13 2.
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node, but is otherwise well-formed. I want to stress that although XML content can have more than one root node, it must follow all other rules for well-formed XML. In SQL Server terminology, the DOCUMENT and CONTENT keywords indicate facets that constrain your xml data. The default / facet is CONTENT. More information is available in Books Online at http:/
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WSM = New WebSiteMonitor() MyTimer = New Timer() AddHandler MyTimer.Elapsed, New ElapsedEventHandler(AddressOf Check)
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<Extension> _ Public Shared Function OfType(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable) As IEnumerable(Of T)
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With the data model in place, it s time to start building the GUI. The interesting part, which this chapter is mostly about, is the search window. But, we can t do any searching until we have some data to search, so we ll start by creating the portion of the GUI that lets us do data entry. We re going to make a very basic GUI for this, using our old friend, the New Core Data Entity Interface assistant, modifying things just slightly so that shows and quotes are displayed in a single window, and that only quotes that are tied to the currently selected show are displayed.
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The public cloud providers have primarily implemented their solutions with a combination of open source and homegrown software. Their user-facing APIs are publicly visible, but they haven t released the core technologies for operating and managing their clouds. Eucalyptus and OpenNebula are two open source initiatives, both offshoots of university research projects, that have created software to replicate the homegrown software of the large public cloud providers. They provide a software capability for provisioning and managing a multiuser private cloud built on top of commodity hardware. They ve also made their solutions compatible with the APIs provided by Amazon. Using these software solutions allows you to create an interoperable infrastructure that can work as a hybrid cloud. They re open source initiatives and, unlike proprietary approaches, there s no specific incentive (such as having you buy more of their software) to create lock-in; and you have unlimited flexibility as usual and with the same regular caveats around support and usability. Constructing a private cloud using open-source technologies requires a high degree of technical sophistication and probably works best in organizations that have a history of working with open source on other projects.
CustomClass point { note x 0 note y 0 method ToString { "($($this.x), $($this.y))"} method scale { $this.x *= $args[0] $this.y *= $args[0] } }
How the matrix region aggregates data
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