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NOTE: If you are traveling to a country where iPads are not yet sold, then you may not have an on-device App Store or iTunes. If this is the case, you will need to purchase items using iTunes on your computer and sync them to your iPad.
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CHAPTER 8: Shoot em Up
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sizing feature enables a user to reallocate space from one cell to another. During this process, as one cell increases in size, other cells in the Grid may decrease in size. Significantly, this resizing process doesn t change the dimensions of the overall Grid. To take advantage of this powerful feature, you use a GridSplitter. A GridSplitter is an element in the System.Windows.Controls namespace. But, this item isn t part of the core Silverlight runtime. Instead, this element is known as an extended control. These types of controls must be accessed slightly differently than a standard element such as a Grid. Over the course of this section, you ll learn how to access the library of extended controls. Then you ll learn how to use the GridSplitter within a Grid.
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The technical features implemented include
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thereby limiting the scale of the load that can be achieved. In contrast, OStress has no such limitation. Like ReadTrace, OStress is a command-line utility. It s used to execute a command or series of commands against a supplied instance and database. Its input can be a single inline query, a query file, or an .RML file produced by the ReadTrace utility. Consider the following example:
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Implementing custom actions OWC allows you to easily change the context
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CloudEra CycleCloud Globus Hadoop Terracotta Gemstone Gemfire GigaSpaces Data Grid IBM eXtreme Scale Oracle Coherence CohesiveFT rPath Virtual Appliances Virtualization
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Document Outline
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printf( "Hello, world!\n" );
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if([self databaseVersion] < 2) { [self setDatabaseVersion:2]; [self addPriceToGroceryItemTable]; }
Notice that the %@ is not quoted in the format string here. If you quoted %@, like with "name == '%@'", the characters % and @ would be in the predicate string.
A very common use of class methods is to provide convenience constructors, sometimes referred to as factories. These are class methods that return a preconfigured object of the same class, ideally using less code than needed to formally create and initialize a new object. Listing 3-19 shows a fragment of the NSDictionary class provided by the Cocoa framework. All of the class methods return a new NSDictionary object.
The output produced by the C# version of the program is virtually identical to that produced by the J# version.
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Implementing a Protocol
changes while the report is executing The numbers in both sections may not match at all, right To ensure data consistency, you may want to enclose both queries in a single transaction. There is a good reason for having the Use Single Transaction option disabled by default. Transactions enforce data integrity by means of database locks, and the higher the transaction isolation level, the more locks are imposed. Database locks and performance are mutually exclusive things, so leave that option deselected unless you have a good reason to enable it. The Fields tab The Fields tab in the Dataset dialog box shows the dataset fields once the query is executed. Sometimes you may notice that the field list doesn t get refreshed after the underlying query is changed. If this happens, you have to manually synchronize the dataset fields. To synchronize the dataset and database schema, you click the Refresh Fields button. Alternatively, you can use the Datasets toolbox to change the fields manually. The Datasets toolbox and the Fields tab of the Dataset dialog box both offer the same functionality with a different interface. To see the Datasets toolbox, simply press Ctrl-Alt-D on the Data tab or the Layout tab of the Report Designer. (If you ve worked with Reporting Services 2000, you should be aware that this Dataset toolbox used to be called the Fields toolbox.) For example, let s say you add a new field to your SQL statement and the field doesn t appear in the Report Designer. To fix this, right-click on any field in the Fields toolbox and select Add to open the dialog box shown in figure 3.12.
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