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As we covered in chapter 13, the correct selection and maintenance of indexes are crucial from a query-performance perspective. Numerous unused indexes have a large maintenance overhead, and missing or poorly maintained indexes have a double impact on resources: additional disk I/O and a reduction in the available buffer cache. From a performance-monitoring perspective, the following performance counters are of interest in assessing the impact of poor index design and maintenance:
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Ta-da! Note that this is not an efficient way to add a bunch of numbers. The looping language constructs are a much better way of doing this. Now let s take a quick trip into the too-much-information zone and look in detail at the process PowerShell uses to perform all of these type conversions.
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As you did in 6, please download and extract images and code for this chapter. If you need refreshing on how to do this, review Figures 6 2 thru 6 4. As usual, start off with a spotlessly clean desktop. Then, open a browser and navigate to and download its contents to your desktop. Then, extract the files onto your desktop. There will be four text files, one image file, and a folder containing the final working code for DragRotateAndScale (in the event you encounter trouble coding it yourself). The image file is the image I used in the example of my puppy Shaka. The text files consist of sections of boilerplate code from which I will ask you to copy and paste various pieces. You are welcome to use these files in any of your future programs that involve touches. You ll find Translate.rtf, HelperFunctions.rtf, TranslateRotateScale.rtf, and ViewController.rtf. Once you have extracted all the files, remember to delete the and 009_DragRotateAndScale folders. Also, file the DragRotateAndScale Xcode to a safe place, for if you leave it on your desktop it will be overwritten and conflict with your exercise code. Monkeys will start writing Shakespeare, and the world will collapse and disappear all because you did not file it away. After you follow these directions, you will have five files on your desktop.
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SQL Server
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The xUnit frameworks works,
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What is persistence
when the report is rendered in HTML. Instead, you will notice that each time you expand a section, a round trip (HTTP-GET request) occurs to the Report Server to fetch the data for the expanded section. To be more specific, a matrix report retrieves all data from the data source when the query is executed, produces the report in intermediate format, and serializes it into data chunks in the ReportServerTempDb database. This process is known as report session caching, and we will discuss this topic in detail in chapter 7. When a report row or column is expanded, the matrix region posts back to the server to retrieve the report for that section. This improves the report performance because sections are rendered on an as-needed basis. The session management occurs only when the Report Server renders the report in HTML. You will see more of the matrix region in chapter 6 when we discuss how to use expressions in crosstab reports to see forecasted data.
The ISession API provides shortcut methods for simple queries. Instead of creating an IQuery instance, you can also call ISession.Find("from User"). The result is the same as from IQuery.List(). The same is true for Enumerable(). But the query shortcut methods on the ISession API will be removed in the future to reduce the bloat of session methods. We recommend always using the IQuery API.
ASP.NET caches configuration files and reloads them in the event of a change. Therefore, you don t need to stop and restart the server for configuration settings to take effect. Also, by default, ASP.NET prevents access to configuration files by unauthorized users of your application. We ll look at some examples of ASP.NET application configuration and customization in the sections that follow. This will include the development, installation, and use of a custom HTTP module, configuring tracing and debugging, and managing application and session state.
We were going to put a joke in here, but that hardly seems necessary.
Using the Reply All option is just like using the Reply function, except that all of the original recipients of the e-mail and the original sender are placed in the address lines. The original sender will be in the To: line, and the other recipients of the original e-mail will be listed on the Cc: line. You will only see the Reply All option if more than one person received the original e-mail.
Valid references An expression for the value of textbox3 that references textbox2.
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