Transactions, concurrency, and caching in visual C#

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Watching Other TV Shows
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Figure 13-7. The window s Inspector palette with the new window object s name
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When you remove a query parameter, the Report Designer doesn t assume that you want to remove the report parameter as well. It leaves the report parameter in the report, which may result in an orphaned publicly accessible parameter. To fix this, open the Report Parameters dialog box and remove the parameter.
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You go squish now! is a line from The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror V directed by Jim Reardon and written by Greg Daniels, Dan McGrath, David Cohen, and Bob Kushell. Original airdate in North America: October 30, 1994.
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Minimizing the use of tempdb
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CREATE TABLE Products (Name NVARCHAR(50), ProductNumber NVARCHAR(25), ItemsInStock INT, CreatedDate DATETIME); GO
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Listin g 2-23. break, continue, and goto
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Let s get started with an overview of Reporting Services in terms that anyone can understand. Later on I ll show how Visual Studio in one of its many manifestations can serve as a powerful tool to create your reports, get them deployed to the Reporting Services server, or include them in your ASP, Windows Forms, or other projects.
ASSIGNING INDEX CONSTANTS Before we talk about how to create this tree, recall that we created constants for the image indices in chapter 14. Figure 15.7 shows the closed book icon for each unselected album, and the open book icon for the selected leeds album. Let s create
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$ie = New-Object com InternetExplorer.Application
Edition, should an application grow to exceed the capabilities of SQL Server Compact Edition, or conversely need to be migrated to a PDA-based application. I encourage you to give SQL Server Compact Edition a try the next time you need an easy-to-deploy-and-maintain database engine for a mobile or offline based application.
[browser release]; [finder release]; [pool release]; return (0); } // main
The method used to check the AuthorizationFilter property is called CheckRuntimeRender. This method takes the value of the filter and contains your logic to determine if the Web Part will be shown. Listing 5.14 shows how it s implemented to check whether the user is a member of any of the groups in the filter.
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Advanced LINQ to SQL features
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