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minimum size checkbox and enter the width and height (550 and 450, respectively) or click the Use Current button to pick up the window size settings. Run the simulator again. Now your controls will resize when you expand the window, but the window will never get smaller than the size set here as the minimum, so you can avoid any resizing unpleasantness. You can also set maximum size values in this Inspector if you want to constrain your window in this way.
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CHAPTER 9: Memory Management
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Supported Email Attachment Types
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Exporting reports
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Looking at the result, we see the number 2.
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If you run this code, here is what happens:
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Processing the default.disco file
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Table 3.5 PowerShell language standard conversions To Target Type [string] [char] Any kind of number [bool] [PSObject] Any other type of object Result Description (empty string) `0 (string containing a single character 0) The object corresponding to 0 for the corresponding numeric type. $false $null $null continued on next page
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Throughout this chapter, you ve seen the power of the Binding object and the vast tree of functionality that grows from it. This object gives you the flexibility to bind to individual entities, to collection of entities, to indexed entries in a collection, and even to other UI elements. If you need to massage the data either coming or going,
When designing objects, the programmer gets to decide how much of the object is visible to the user and how much is private within the object. Details that aren t visible to the user are said to be encapsulated in the class. In general, the goal when designing an object is to encapsulate as much of the class as possible. These are the most important reasons for doing this: The user can t change private things in the object, which reduces the chance the user will either change or depend upon such details in their code. If the user does depend on these details, changes made to the object may break the user s code. Changes made in the public parts of an object must remain compatible with the previous version. The more that s visible to the user, the fewer things that can be changed without breaking the user s code. Larger interfaces increase the complexity of the entire system. Private fields can be accessed only from within the class; public fields can be accessed through any instance of the class. Having more public fields often makes debugging much tougher. 5 will explore this subject further.
For those who use Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, or Entourage regularly, meeting invitations become a way of life. You receive a meeting invitation in your email, you accept the invitation, and then the appointment gets automatically placed in your calendar. On your iPhone, you will see that invitations you accept placed into your calendar immediately. NOTE: If you use an Exchange calendar or a Google calendar, you can invite people and reply to meeting invitations on your iPhone. See the Working with the Google or Exchange Calendar section of 4 to learn more about this subject. If you touch the meeting invitation in your calendar, you can see all the details that you need: the dial in number, the meeting ID, and any other details that might be included in the invitation.
firstPress: LINQ to Objects
node.addEventListener(type, listener, !! phase); } : function() { } ;
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