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static NSMutableDictionary *tableCache = nil;
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CHAPTER 6: Core Data and Hard-Core Design
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You can see from our earlier SQL select statement that we have a FilterDescriptor defined for each part that makes up our where clause. The type of filter has a lot to do with how the user interface looks. If you choose the type to be Comparison, you re presented with the filter options in the Business Data Web Parts and the item picker control. In figure 2.2, you can see how the filters are used by the information workers. Figure 2.2 The use of the filter descriptor in a If you choose Wildcard, you re pre- Data List Web Part sented with a screen like the one shown in figure 2.3.
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This sets the button s border color to the value in myBrush, and that value is updated whenever the myBrush resource changes. Notice that we re passing Button.BorderBrushProperty as the property to set. This is a dependency property, and we ll explain what that means in the next section.
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Listing 18.7 Adding an empty Border
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And the automatically created event handler looks like this:
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Source DB
When is an unused index not an unused index
Figure 12-2. Log file viewed using Notepad Figure 12-3 shows the same log entry when viewed via MOM Log Viewer.
The first usage of LINQ to XML in LinqBooks comes in the form of a standalone utility. We covered this scenario, reading XML and updating a database, in chapter 11. In LinqBooks, we reuse the sample Windows Forms application for importing books and details about them from Amazon. See figure 13.11. This utility allows us to search for books with keywords and select books to import in the LinqBooks database. This sample Windows Forms application demonstrates how to use LINQ to XML to parse the XML data returned by Amazon s web services. LINQ to SQL is used to insert the imported data into the database. Here is the LINQ to XML query used to display the list of books:
Also very useful when making bets while playing poker.
First steps with LINQ to XML: Querying XML documents
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