<property name="hibernate.use_proxy_validator">false</property> in visual C#.net

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SharePoint Foundation 2010 SharePoint Foundation 2010, which is the entry-level edition of SharePoint 2010, contains a set of Web Parts. They re either generic, for information display, or focused on building simple collaboration sites. Table 2.1 lists the Web Parts that you can find in the gallery in a SharePoint Foundation site.
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Showing Lap Times
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We trap the position to half-field so that the user can t cheat.
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Registering the Poker.dll assembly
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<!-- dumpreqs.aspx --> <%@ Page Language="C#" Debug="true"%> <script runat="server"> private void dumpReqs() { string s = "Number of Requests: " + Session["numRequests"]; Response.Write(s); } </script> <html><head><title>HTTP Request Count</title></head> <body> <h1>HTTP Request Count</h1> <% dumpReqs(); %> </body> </html>
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The persistence layer isn t vulnerable to stack overflows in the case of circular references in a graph of objects. There can never be conflicting representations of the same database row at the end of a database transaction. At most a single object represents any database row. All changes made to that object may be safely written to the database (flushed). Changes made in a particular unit of work are always immediately visible to all other code executed inside that unit of work.
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Listing 17.12 BeginReceive returns before a message is received (C#)
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When you follow the traditional three-tier architecture, LINQ to SQL is used in a clearly separated data access layer. This is where the DataContext is created and used. In addition, the business logic is coded outside of the DataContext and the data access layer altogether. Figure 13.7 shows the schema of the complete three-tier architecture, similar to the one we presented in section 13.2.1, but with a LINQ to SQL DataContext as the data access object. Sample code Let s now focus on some code samples to give you an idea of how LINQ to SQL can be used in an application like LinqBooks. Let s start with the Publishers.aspx page. Figure 13.8 shows what it looks like. In Publishers.aspx.cs, a simple LINQ to SQL query is used to retrieve the list of publishers available in the database. See listing 13.4.
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Syncing Podcasts
Delegates and Categories
This throughput graph depicts requests/sec. versus browser connections.
Sender and receiver in separate browser windows, communicating across processes
- (void) setTire: (Tire *) tire atIndex: (int) index
var extend = (function () { var Proxy = function () {}; return function (child, parent) { Proxy.prototype = parent.prototype; child.prototype = new Proxy(); child.prototype.constructor = child; child.donor = parent.prototype; } }()); var Cherry = function(cherry) { this.cherries = [2, "cup, pitted and halved", cherry cherry : "Bing"]; }; Cherry.prototype = { heavyCream: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], halfHalf: [1, "cup", "Organic Valley"], sugar: [9/16, "cup"], yolks: [3], vanilla: [1, "bean", "Madagascar Bourbon"] }; var CherryGarcia = function(cherry, bittersweet) { Cherry.apply(this, [cherry]); this.bittersweet = [1, "cup, coarsely chopped", bittersweet bittersweet : "Callebaut"]; }; extend(CherryGarcia, Cherry); var cherry = new Cherry(); var cherryGarcia = new CherryGarcia(); console.dir(cherry); console.dir(cherryGarcia);
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