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10.2.5 Posting and updating media files For media files, Atom protocol outdoes the MetaWeblog API. With Atom, not only can you upload media files to a blog, but you can also list uploaded files and update and delete them from the server. We ll show you how to use those new features, but first we ll cover the most basic operation, uploading a media file.
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Sending a document, spreadsheet, or presentation via email is very easy with iWork. Make sure the document, spreadsheet, or presentation is in the main window with the Share commands underneath. Choose Send via Mail and your Mail app will load with the file shown as an attachment. Add a recipient as we showed you in 12, type in your message, and then just touch Send.
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This loop prompts the user to enter a number between 1 and 10. We then use scanf() to read an int from the input buffer. Note that we used a temporary int to read in the number instead of reading it directly into infoPtr->rating. We did this because the %d format specifier expects an int and rating is declared as a char. Once we read the number, we call a function defined a bit further down in the file, called Flush(), to get rid of any other characters (including '\n').
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Note The constructors that create and return an NSThread object are fairly recent additions to the operating
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Fine everything is as we would expect. But now we check the process current working directory.
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int *int_pointer;
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Double-tap anywhere in the body of the message. Tap Paste.
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$script:result = form TextBox @{ Dock="fill" Font = $cfont Text = 0 } $table.Controls.Add($result) $buttons = form TableLayoutPanel @{ ColumnCount = $columns Dock = "fill" }
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- (id)initWithDelegate:(id <SphereNetNetworkControllerDelegate>)delegate; - (void)localSphereDidMove:(SphereNetSphere *)sphere; @end
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Apple s Event-Driven XML Programming Guide for Cocoa (
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Handling missing data Once the GetValue function is ready, to differentiate between NULL and missing data in our report, we could base the txtSales and txtNoOrders values on the following expressions:
Listing 1-28. The Aggregate Method in Action
-(NSString *)faultTolerantPathForSymbol:(NSString *)aSymbol { NSString *docPath = [self pathForSymbol:aSymbol]; if (![[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:docPath]) { //if there isn't one in the user's documents directory, see if we ship with this data docPath = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath] \
Figure 6 6. Choosing how to customize Picture Frame
Implementing Kerberos delegation step by step
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