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CHAPTER 17: Surfing the Web with Safari
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Public Properties
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The next example shows a more realistic use for TVPs. The code is part of an order entry system, and one of the application requirements is to reduce the number of round trips between the client application and the database server. The code in Orders.sql takes the order header information and line items and inserts them into the appropriate tables in the database in a single round trip. The code in listing 3 shows the T-SQL used to create the database objects. The OrderDetailsType is a TABLE type that the client application will pass to the stored procedure with the list of
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With .NET, calling a web method asynchronously is a three-step process, as shown in listing 10.9.
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a. Cancel the edit if the new text is null. b. Do nothing if the node is a root node. c. For an album node, use the UpdateAlbumName.method. d. For a photograph node, use the UpdatePhotoCaption method. Note: We permit the user to edit the root node here to alter a top-level name in the tree, even though this change is discarded when the application exits. A more robust solution might be to prevent this from occurring, or to save the change in a configuration file. 6 Rewrite the UpdateAlbumName method to accommodate both list items and tree nodes.
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3. To move to the next line, press Return, and then type the following: my_number as text This expression converts the number value stored in my_number to a text value, a process known as coercion. Since the result of the random number command is always a number, the new value assigned to the my_number variable is a number. This is all OK, but for this script you won t need that number for its numeric value but rather for including in a name of a folder. For that you need text. You might be asking yourself why AppleScript should care whether a value is a number or text. Well, AppleScript cares about the type of value far less than most other programming languages, which may make your first few scripts easier to swallow but can create some confusion later when AppleScript s coercion logic doesn t give you the exact conversion you expected. It s better to explicitly specify what you want the datatype to be. In fact, since you later attach that random number to the end of a folder name, which is a string, AppleScript will convert the number to text on its own. You will learn much more about that later, so hang on. 4. Now run the script. Before, the result was just a number; now the number appears in double quotes. Double quotes are the distinguishing characteristic of text literals (or, to use a more programming-like term, strings).
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<asp:TextBox ID= TextBox1 runat= server Width= 60px ></asp:TextBox> <asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID= RegularExpressionValidator1 runat= server ErrorMessage= Only integers allowed ControlToValidate= TextBox1 ValidationExpression= \d+ Display= Dynamic > </asp:RegularExpressionValidator> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID= RequiredFieldValidator1 runat= server ErrorMessage= A value is required ControlToValidate= TextBox1 Display= Dynamic > </asp:RequiredFieldValidator>
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Some of the more useful String methods include the following:
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Usage Throughput
Storing values in variables
Listing 8.27 Partial signature of the generated class including partial methods
This operator is similar to Join but it returns the result in an IEnumerable(Of S) where S is a new sequence.
-(BOOL) -(void) -(void) -(void) ccTouchBegan:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {} ccTouchMoved:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {} ccTouchEnded:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {} ccTouchCancelled:(UITouch *)touch withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {}
Enumerators and foreach
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