Writing POCOs in visual C#

Develop Code 39 in visual C# Writing POCOs

SQL Server 2008 provides a healthy offering of features that can assist you in tracking
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8.1 The possibilities
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Listing 16.2 Source code for the custom Ant BaseBlogTask.java
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6.5.2 The interface components
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The client should execute as expected, with no discernible evidence that a remote Web service invocation is involved. In a wide-area scenario, where the service is physically distant from the client, you might find that occasionally the client is unable to connect and will time out, generating a System.Net.WebException in the process. You can trap this exception and attempt a recovery strategy. One strategy would be to increase the time-out value and/or try an alternative URL where a backup service is installed:
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Figure 11-3. A repeat loop that repeats five times You can also use a variable to specify the number of repetitions, like in Script 11-2.
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Frameworks API Web services
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ADD A PAINT HANDLER FOR THE PNLPHOTO OBJECT Action 1 Add a Paint event handler for the panel.
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Sets the SOAP action
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Changes the catalog information for a file Gets information about a volume Changes information about a volume Creates a new, empty file Deletes a file Swaps the data contents of two files Creates a data or resource fork Opens a data or resource fork Reads data from a file Writes data to a file Gets the current file position Changes the file position Gets the file s logical length Changes the file s logical length Writes any cached changes to physical media Closes the file Creates an alias record to a file Gets the file best described by an alias record Gets the file best described by an alias file Gets the list of all files that could be described by an alias record The file name that should be displayed to the user Gets display properties for a file (invisible, bundle, ) Gets the file extension and display information for a file Gets the application that will launch when the user opens the file
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Listing 10.3 A simplified RegisterWaitForSingleObject method (VB.NET)
declaring dependency properties 41 namespaces 25 Deep Zoom 627 632 Composer 631 showing images 627 viewport 630 631 zooming 628 630 DeepZoomImageTileSource class 627 default value value precedence 28 DefaultExt property 413 DefaultStateKey property 237 deferred download 55 delete methods 473 474 DeleteDirectory method 130 DeleteFile method 130 DeliveryMethod property 595 Delta property 196 dependencies 55 dependency properties 27 29, 702 attached properties 29 30 data binding 263, 267 declaring 41 LeftProperty 145 OrbitPanel example 703 PrintPageCount 546 TopProperty 145 value precedence 28 DependencyObject 145, 255 DependencyProperty 146, 275, 682 See also dependency properties DependencyProperty class 254, 682 naming guidelines 256 DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs class 255 256 deploying media from a web application 573 Deployment element 51 Deployment.ExternalParts 56 Deployment.Parts 51, 56 Description property 305 DescriptionViewerPosition property 300 deserialization 353 Deserialize method 364 design patterns Inversion of Control pattern 429, 448
In Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels where geeks and hackers gather to discuss the issues of the day, share links, and provide informal technical support, you ll find that many have implemented their own chatbots. A chatbot is a program that responds to commands entered in a chat channel, or room. Some chatbots act as knowledge bases, storing the definitions of common terms. Some just meet and greet new visitors to the channel. Recently, developers have been creating chatbots that know how to blog. In the #mobitopia channel on Freenode (irc.freenode.net), where mobile developers gather to chat about programming techniques for phones and other mobile devices, a chatbot named mobibot provides a number of helpful services. It performs Google searches, provides weather reports, and retrieves stock quotes. It also collects all URLs mentioned in the channel and formats them as an RSS newsfeed, so that anybody can subscribe to the interesting links discussed in the channel. In the #rtpbloggers channel on Freenode, a chatbot named hughbot does something similar: it looks for URLs and whenever it sees one, it uses the MetaWeblog API to post it to a blog. We can do the same thing.
Displaying and capturing media
Divide and Conquer
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