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[lastSeenDateView setDateValue: [villain objectForKey:kLastSeenDate]];
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Export a page from SharePoint Designer 2010 Manually create an ASPX site page or Wiki page or copy from out-of-the-box pages in SharePoint root Download extension project items, such as the CKS:DEV, which contains a Basic Site Page SPI
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The resource kit includes the RSOR utility, which will generate a plain text file showing the set of rules that would be deployed to an agent. The syntax is RSOR.exe <MOMDBServer> <TargetAgent>. The output is then placed in C:\ResultantSetOfRules. If your operations database is a SQL instance, then the syntax would be RSOR.exe <MOMDBServer\SQL_INSTANCE_NAME> <TargetAgent>. The text file so created will list the enabled and disabled rules associated with that agent.
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The Storage Networking Industry Association has created a technical work group to address the need for a cloud storage standard. The new Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) enables interoperable cloud storage and data management. In CDMI, the underlying storage space exposed by the interfaces is abstracted using the notion of a container. A container is not only a useful abstraction for storage space, but also serves as a grouping of the data stored in it and a point of control for applying data services in the aggregate. read barcode qr
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example in section 5.4.1, page 151
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1.4 The Mac OS X architecture
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The business case for cloud computing
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To recap, the report can be serviced potentially from one of the following three places: Source database If the report is requested for the first time or has been invalidated, for example, the report session has timed out. ReportServerTempDB If the Report Server decides to reuse the report IF from the report session or execution cache. Report Configuration Database For snapshots only, if a snapshot instance has been generated. It is important that you evaluate when you should cache and what method you should use. Let s switch gears a little and learn how to create linked reports. 8.1.5 Managing linked reports Reporting Services allows you to create wrappers on top of existing reports in the form of linked reports. You can think of a linked report as a shortcut to another report. Similar to a file shortcut, a linked report is not a copy of the original report. Instead, it simply points to the original report. You can manage these linked reports with the Report Manager. In this section, we describe linked reports, explain why you would create them, and then we see how to manage these in the Report Manager. Let s get started! Understanding linked reports Linked reports inherit the following information from the report they are associated with: report definition, report data source, and report datasets. You cannot change these items in a linked report because they are inherited from the base report. However, you can change the following items: Role-based security policy Parameters Properties Catalog location
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The Data Provider tab (shown in Figure 5-23) contains the same options as the Data Provider tab of the Event Rule Properties dialog. The difference to note is with the actual provider itself. Whereas with the event rules, the providers were log files and timed events, with performance rules, they are operating systems and their associated application performance counters, which have been previously added into the providers container in the Administrator Console.
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Beyond the operating system: taking PowerShell further
changes, switch to Xcode, Build & Run, and you should see that your newest button lets you create windows that beep when you press their buttons, as seen in Figure 10 6.
Listing 21.5 Use of the None option on an undersized Image element
CHAPTER 6: Controlling Your Program s Flow
Set this to false
In JavaScript you can access the LCID using one of two methods. The first one is available as soon as the Document Object Model (DOM) has loaded:
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