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Sometimes you need to get a fresh start with your iPad information. For whatever reason, you want to get rid of all the information on your iPad in one or all the synced apps and get a clean start. Follow these steps. 1. As you did to set up the sync previously, connect your iPad to your computer, start iTunes software, click on your iPad in the left nav bar, and click the Info tab on the top of the main window. Scroll all the way down to the Advanced section (see Figure 3 17). Check one, some, or all of the boxes as you desire.
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An object persistence layer is said to implement persistence by reachability if any instance becomes persistent when the application creates an object reference to the instance from another instance that is already persistent. This behavior is illustrated by the object diagram (note that this isn t a class diagram) in figure 4.2. In this example, Computer is a persistent object. The objects Desktop PCs and Monitors are also persistent; they re reachable from the Computer Category instance. Electronics and Cell Phones are transient. Note that we assume navigation is possible only to child categories and not to the parent for example, you can call computer.ChildCategories. Persistence by reachability is a recursive algorithm: all objects reachable from a persistent instance become persistent either when the original instance is made persistent or just before in-memory state is synchronized with the data store. Persistence by reachability guarantees referential integrity; you can re-create any object graph by loading the persistent root object. An application may walk the object graph from association to association without worrying about the persistent state of the instances. (SQL databases have a different approach to referential integrity, relying on foreign-key and other constraints to detect a misbehaving application.) In the purest form of persistence by reachability, the database has some top-level, or root, object from which all persistent objects are reachable. Ideally, an instance should become transient and be deleted from the database if it isn t reachable via references from the root persistent object. Neither NHibernate nor other ORM solutions implement this form; there is no analog of the root persistent object in a SQL database and no persistent garbage collector that can detect unreferenced instances. Object-oriented data stores may implement a garbage-collection algorithm similar to the one implemented for in-memory
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The iPad then displays the Add Songs screen. Touch anywhere in the song name for any song you want to add to the new playlist. You know a song is selected and will be added to the play list when it turns gray. NOTE: Don t get frustrated trying to remove or deselect a song you tapped by mistake. You can t remove or deselect songs on this screen; you have to click Done, then remove them on the next screen. (We show you below.) Select Done at the top right and the playlist contents will be displayed.
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Listing 3.11 The cache API
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int } PrintRolls() starts off by declaring a single parameter, an array pointer named rolls. RollOne( void ) { return (rand() % 6) + 1;
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Using operators to update variable values is not as concise as the variable expansion notation that cmd.exe uses, but it is consistent with the rest of PowerShell instead of being a special-case feature that only applies to variable expansion.
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Sending -dealloc to the superclass is an absolute requirement. So much so that modern Objective-C compilers now emit a warning if you fail to do so. The base class -dealloc method is the one that actually deallocates (frees) the memory occupied by the instance. Failing to send -dealloc will cause memory leaks. After the superclass s -dealloc message returns, the object no longer exists and self is invalid. You cannot access any of the object s instance variables nor send it a message.
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For the sake of simplicity and for the purposes of our hypothetical capacity-planning study, we will limit the number of scripted reports to three, as follows: Employee Sales Summary Territory Sales Drillthrough Purchase Orders In addition, we will assume that the types of the requests for these reports are divided equally between URL and SOAP access.
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Listing 3.5 Early binding vs. late binding
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The main benefit of declarative coding is its raw performance. For one thing, SQL Server has been heavily optimized toward processing declarative code. But also, the query optimizer the SQL Server component that selects how to process each query can use all the elements in your database (including indexes, constraints, and statistics on data distribution) to find the most efficient way to process your request, and even adapt the execution plan when indexes are added or statistics indicate a major change in data distribution. Another benefit is that declarative code is often much shorter and (once you get the hang of it) easier to read and maintain than iterative code. Shorter, easier-to-read code directly translates into a reduction of development cost, and an even larger reduction of future maintenance cost.
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Display by Category: b The available settings are displayed by category. Display Alphabetically: c The available settings are displayed alphabetically.
Structs and Constructors
Table 4. Being Entertained
You can have as many PlotConfiguration objects as you need, identified by a name and held in the PlotConfigurations collection. You access this collection through the Document object as follows: Set PlotConfigurationsCollection = DocumentObject.PlotConfigurations A PlotConfiguration object belongs either to model space or paper space (layouts) only, not both. Additionally, when you import a PlotConfiguration object by way of a PageSetup import (by command or programmatically), it will apply and attach only to the appropriate working space that it s related to in the source drawing. To create a new PlotConfiguration object, you use the Add method, which for the PlotConfigurations collection takes the syntax shown here: Set PlotConfigurationObject = PlotConfigurationsCollection.Add(Name[, ModelType]) Table 15-6 shows the Add method s parameters. Table 15-6. Add Method Parameters
The GetForecastedSet method receives the existing sales data for a given product category in the form of a dataSet array, as well as the number of the requested months for forecasted data. Next, integrating with OpenForecast is a matter of five steps. Step 1 We create a new OpenForecast dataset and load it with the existing data from the matrix row array. Step 2 We obtain a given forecasting model. OpenForecast allows developers to get the optimal forecasting mathematical model based on the given data series by CUSTOM CODE IN ACTION: IMPLEMENTING REPORT FORECASTING 195
ToolTip: Enter a functional/operational description. Visible: Select True. PlaceholderToBind: Select Placeholder Definition. (ID): Type AuthorPicture. 6. Select Save All to save your changes.
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