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Another useful device setting is HTMLFragment, which you can use to render a report as an HTML fragment (without the HTML, HEAD, and BODY HTML tags), as follows:
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That completes our look at Windows Forms. We started with some simple forms and explored components and controls. We looked at anchoring and docking controls and handling control events. We also developed a full-scale GUI for our poker game and saw how to make Win32 API calls. We explored Visual Studio .NET and used the Forms Designer to quickly create a simple GUI for our poker machine. We finished by exploring WndProc. Next, in our final chapter, we explore ASP.NET.
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Once you get over the initial mental barrier of using script libraries, you will want to facilitate their use. The most important decision you need to make is where those library files should live. The two main options here are whether each script should be using its own set of libraries and you duplicate all your library files for each project or whether you find one place on the Mac where all script libraries are shared by all scripts. Even though it is more efficient to have a global set of script libraries, since that way you have only one unique set of files to worry about, it may be easier to start out by having each project use its own set. This decision also has a lot to do with the scope of your projects. In my line of work, I create a few large systems for large clients, so for me it makes sense to have a separate libraries folder for each system. However, if you work for the one company that will be using your scripts, it may be smarter to store all your subroutine libraries in the Scripts folder, the ScriptingAdditions folder, or anywhere else that can be accessed with the path to command.
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Globalizing and Localizing Applications (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default. asp url=/library/en-us/vbcon/html/vboriInternationalization.asp) A chapter from the Visual Studio .NET documentation that will introduce you to the internationalization features built into .NET.
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Like any fully-functioning word processor, Pages gives the user many options for adding various styles to the document. The built-in toolbars give you easy access to customizing virtually every aspect of your document. There are four specific buttons on the toolbar in the upper right-hand corner that will prove to be quite useful in your writing; Information, Picture/Object, Tools, and Styles.
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The iTunes Genius feature can do all sorts of fun things to help enhance your music and video library in iTunes. You can take advantage of it by following these steps: TIP: You can use the Genius feature on your iPhone, but only after you have enabled it on your computer (as described in the steps that follow). 1. Click Genius in the Left nav bar, and then click the Turn On Genius button (see Figure 30 15). If you don t see the Genius item, then click Store, and then Turn On Genius from the iTunes menu.
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Setting Up Table View Data Source Methods
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When reviewing audit information (whether in a file, or in the event log), there is a variety of information available to you, including the time of the action, the session_id (SPID) of the user that performed the action, the database, server and object that was the target of the action, and whether or not the action succeeded. For a full listing of the columns written to an audit row, see the Books Online topic, SQL Server Audit Records, located at http:/ /msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ cc280545.aspx. I was disappointed to see that host name and/or IP address of the session_id is not recorded. This can be important information in some instances, and is difficult to determine after the session has disconnected from the server. For example, if SQL Authentication is enabled, and the sa (or another sysadmin) password is commonly known, then anyone can connect that way via their own machine, and be relatively untraceable. Another important note here is that the type of action (for example, SELECT or ALTER) is recorded, but in the case of SELECT or DML queries, none of the data involved is included. For example, if you run the statement in listing 3, the event log entry will look like listing 4 (I ve left out some of the columns).
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Controlling XML-RPC and SOAP
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Some of the examples used throughout this chapter are based on the AdventureWorks database, available for download from codeplex.com, Microsoft s open source project-hosting website. CodePlex contains a huge amount of Microsoft and community-based code samples and databases, including a 2008 version of the AdventureWorks database containing FileStream data.
Java public class StormTrooper implements Cloneable { ArrayList evilOrders; public Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException { try { StormTrooper clone = (StormTrooper)super.clone(); clone.evilOrders = (ArrayList)this.evilOrders.clone(); return (clone); } catch (CloneNotSupportedException e) { throw new InternalError(e.toString()); } } } Objective-C @interface StormTrooper : NSObject <NSCopying> { NSMutableArray *evilOrders; } @end
If you get an object from something other than init, new, or copy, you need to remember to retain it. When you re writing a GUI application, think in event loops. You want to retain autoreleased objects that will survive for longer than the current event loop. So what s an event loop A typical graphical application spends a lot of time waiting on the user to do something. The program sits twiddling its thumbs until the very slow human at the controls decides to click the mouse or press a key. When one of these events does happen, the program wakes up and gets to work doing whatever is necessary to respond to the event. After the event is handled, the application goes back to sleep waiting for the next event. To keep your program s memory footprint low, Cocoa creates an autorelease pool before it starts handling the event and destroys the pool after the event is handled. This keeps the amount of accumulated temporary objects to a minimum. The previous methods would be written as follows when using autoreleased objects:
It s much more elegant to define a separate composite identifier class that declares just the key properties. Let s call this class UserId:
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