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The eject command takes a disk reference as the parameter and ejects that disk: tell application "Finder" to eject disk "Removable 4000" The following script will use the ejectable property of a disk object to eject only the disks that can be ejected: tell application "Finder" eject (every disk whose ejectable is true) end tell
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You can see that as soon as an instance method exists with matching parameter types, it gets executed. The extension method is called only when no method with the same signature exists.
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Create the dataset schema. Set up the report dataset.
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Figure 11 1. An isometric tilemap game
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C Basics: Variables and Operators. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
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Logging is most often used when your solutions are deployed to look at the application s behavioral history, even though the ULSViewer tool allows you to see the logging as it happens. To see your custom application in real time and step through the code to find the failing parts, debugging is extremely useful. Debugging is the most common way to find what s wrong with your code. Using the excellent debugging facilities in Visual Studio 2010, you can easily set a breakpoint in your code and run your application. When the breakpoint is reached, the execution is interrupted and you can step forward or inspect the values of objects and even change them. To debug a Web Part or any other piece of code, attach Visual Studio to a process on the server so that it can catch the debugging events. SharePoint normally uses the ASP.NET worker process to run the code. But sandboxed solutions are executed in their own process, and Feature receivers run in the SharePoint timer job process, which means that you might have to attach the debugger to other processes than Visual Studio by default attaches to.
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With this configuration, the AWReportViewer control will generate the Customer Orders report on the server side as an HTML fragment that will be injected into the page output. The only thing left is to take care of the CustomerID parameter that the Customer Orders report takes. The following line of code passes this parameter to the AWReportViewer control inside the MyOrders Page_Load event:
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CHAPTER 6: Cocoa Bindings
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$null = [reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName ("Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo") $null = [reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName ("Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum") $null = [reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName ("Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo")
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MOM Management Server Action Account
Thanks to the extensible architecture of RS, .NET developers can easily extend or replace RS s canned features by writing add-ons in the form of custom extensions. In this chapter, we showed you how you can do just that by enhancing the RS data processing, delivery, and security features. To demonstrate how you can extend the RS data processing features, we authored a custom dataset extension that you can use to report off ADO.NET datasets. To showcase how you can distribute your reports in flexible ways, we created a custom delivery extension. You can use it to send reports to Web services. When Windows-based security is not a good fit, you can replace it by writing a custom security extension. We did exactly this to show how custom security extensions can be leveraged in the Internet reporting scenario. If you need to perform some preprocessing tasks before the report request reaches the Report Server, you can write custom HTTP modules. Finally, although we didn t demonstrate it, to export reports to formats not supported by RS, you can write custom rendering extensions. Another important and often-neglected requirement posed to enterprise-oriented applications is that they need to perform and scale well under heavy loads. The next chapter discusses practical techniques you can leverage to ensure that your reportenabled solutions are well prepared to meet the anticipated request loads.
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In a mediated MVC design, the controller also acts as the data model for the view. It is a data model proxy. The mediating controller passes data model messages to the actual data model, and forwards any change notifications from the data model on to its observers. This design is particularly well suited to database applications. The data model object encapsulates the raw data. It takes responsibility for fetching the data from a persistent store, caching it, and performing any alterations to it. The controller object performs it normal role, but also presents the data, as it will appear in the application, to the view objects. This might involve filtering, sorting, and transforming the data. How the data is sorted, the user s current selection in the table, and so on, are specific to the application, not the data. From the view object s perspective, the controller is the data model. The view displays the sorted, filtered, and transformed data presented to it by the controller, and has no direct knowledge of the underlying data model.
MCMS stores encrypted authentication tickets in cookies. Refer to 4 for more information about MCMS 2002 authentication.
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