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As you can see in figure 9.17, we used WSDL.EXE to generate a proxy class called Contacts.vb, which we can now compile into a DLL and reference or place directly into our project. Note that when you set a reference to a web service inside Visual Studio .NET, then this step takes place automatically. We are now ready to create our tester application. 9.3.3 Secure web service connections To provide secure communications for your web services, you have two options. First, we ll discuss SSL, which allows you to encrypt messages that are sent to and returned from your web services. SSL guarantees message integrity by ensuring that the message has not been modified in transit; it also maintains message confidentiality, which ensures that the message remains private during transit. To configure your web service to use SSL, you must create a certificate for your web server. (We described this process in section 9.1.3.) Next, configure the virtual directory that contains the web service to require SSL. You can do this by opening the virtual directory s Properties dialog box and selecting the Security tab. In the Secure Communications section, click the Edit button and select Require Secure Channel (SSL). This enables SSL for your web service. Once this step has been completed, you can either add new references to the SSLsecured web service or edit your existing references to point them at your web service using the HTTPS protocol. If you have existing web services that you would like to reference the new HTTPS protocol (chances are, if you are applying SSL, you have tested your web services without using SSL in your applications), you don t have to drop and re-create your references. You can simply edit your proxy class and change its URL property, which is configured in the default constructor of the class, as shown in listing 9.12.
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- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { self.database = [[[ISDatabase alloc] initWithFileName:@"TestDB.sqlite"] _ autorelease]; if(![[database tableNames] containsObject:@"GroceryItem"]) { [database executeSql:@"create table GroceryItem(primaryKey integer primary _ key autoincrement, name text NOT NULL, number INTEGER NOT NULL)"]; [database executeSql:@"insert into GroceryItem (name, number) _ values('apples', 5)"]; [database executeSql:@"insert into GroceryItem (name, number) _ values('oranges', 3)"]; } [window addSubview:[navigationController view]]; [window makeKeyAndVisible]; }
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Extensions: finding and adding modules
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Objects returned by most messages are returned as autoreleased objects. That is, the object has already received a correctly balanced series of -retain, -release, or -autorelease messages and does not demand any additional management. Specifically, class convenience constructors, like +[NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:], return autoreleased objects. Even though the convenience constructors exist to create new objects, the objects are not new from the perspective of memory management. Common examples are shown in Listing 24-8.
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First we ll create a collection of objects.
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You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
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The current user The users of this system The entire system All systems on the local network
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Settings Menu separator Page Setup Property MergeOrder (Name) Value 6 menuPageSetup 7 Page Set&up menuPrintPreview 7 Print Pre&view menuPrint 7 CtrlP &Print
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To fast-forward through the video (in landscape mode,) just touch and hold the Fast-Forward arrow. To quickly move in reverse, just touch and hold the Reverse arrow. To advance to the next video in the YouTube list, just tap the Fast-Forward/Next arrow. To watch the previous video in the list, just tap the Reverse/Back arrow.
Now run it.
After we create the file, we need to create tables to store the data in. We will create the same table in all six databases with the code in listing 4.
Java ArrayList<Example> array = for ( Example example : array ) { example.setDelegate(this); } Objective-C NSArray *array = [array makeObjectsPerformSelector:@selector(setDelegate:) withObject:self];
Converting the Type Returned by malloc()
If you are like many people, your desk is filled with little yellow sticky notes notes to do everything imaginable. Even with our computers, we still tend to leave these little notes as reminders. One of the great things about the iPhone is that you can write your notes on familiar yellow notepaper, and then keep them neatly organized and sorted. You can
You can even enable batch fetching for the collection. In this case, the batch size doesn t refer to the number of bids in the batch; it refers to the number of collections of bids:
calls enqueueCurrentBuffer, which adds the current buffer to the queue and moves on to the next buffer. Once that s done, you know that the current buffer can hold the current packet whether or not it s the same buffer that was current before you checked the remaining buffer capacity. To copy the audio data into the current buffer, you get a reference to the AudioQueueBufferRef field of the current PlayQueueData struct. The call to memcpy() copies bytes from the incoming packet to the buffer. You then add details describing the current packet and update the current count of packets and bytes in the current buffer. Finally, there s a second check on the current buffer this time to see whether there s room for any more packets. As with the previous check, if the current buffer is full, you drop into enqueueCurrentBuffer to add the buffer to the queue and move on to the next one. Adding data to the queue is done in a utility function called from audioDataCallback(), because you need to call this code in a couple of different places, and it s long enough that just duplicating it would be ugly. Listing 3-19 shows the enqueueCurrentBuffer() function.
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