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The simplest way to create an NSPredicate is by using a format string containing attribute names, comparators, and values to compare against. The definition of a predicate looks a lot like a WHERE clause in SQL, and serves much the same purpose. Predicates are not limited to just Core Data usage, and can be applied to other areas of Mac OS X such as Spotlight. In its most basic form, you can define an NSPredicate like this:
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Class Replacement
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Initial MCMS Administrator
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The ApplicationRegistry namespace
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Once you get the name of the Exchange Server, you can change the SMTPServer setting in RSReportServer.config to point to that Exchange Server. In my case, changing this setting and setting the From e-mail account were sufficient to send reports via e-mail successfully.
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Table 4.1 Operator + The basic arithmetic operators In PowerShell Description Add two values together. Example 2+4 Result 6
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At this point, there s only a fuzzy idea about what the enemies are, what they do, and what their behavior will be. That s the thing with enemies you never quite know what they re up to. In the case of games, that means going back to the drawing board, planning out what you want the enemies to do, and then deducing from that plan what you need to program. Contrary to real life, you have full control over the enemies. Doesn t that make you feel powerful But before you or anyone can have fun, you need to come up with a plan for world domination. I already created the graphics for three different types of enemies. At this point, I know only that at least one of them is supposed to be a boss monster. Take a look at Figure 8 1 and try to imagine what these enemies could be up to.
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Another common way to describe the above scenarios is to use the tier paradigm. Because the Report Server can be viewed as a separate tier, the first scenario could also be named three-tiered, while the second could be called multi-tiered. You choose.
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get-adcomputer -filter * -searchbase "ou=domain controllers, dc=company,dc=pri"
Sub Listing2_30(ByVal ds As DataSet) Dim dtPerson As DataTable = ds.Tables(0) Dim person = dtPerson.ToQueryable() Dim query = From p In person _ Where p.Field(Of String)("LastName") = "Grant" _ Select p For Each Dim row In query Console.WriteLine("Person: {0} {1}", _ row.Field(Of String)("FirstName"), _ row.Field(Of String)("LastName")) Next End Sub
Project Builder in depth
NSString *myString = [NSString stringWithContentsOfFile:@"/path/to/something" usedEncoding:NULL error:NULL];
For Cocoa-based applications, a Nib file holds your application s interface objects (windows, menus, and so on) as well as the objects attributes and runtime relationship to other objects.
Tracking entities implies keeping their references somewhere. NHibernate uses a cache. This cache is indispensable for implementing the Unit of Work pattern, and it can also make applications more efficient. We cover caching in depth in section 5.3. NHibernate s identity map uses a cache to avoid loading an entity many times. This cache can be shared by transactions and applications. Suppose you build a website for the auction application. Visitors may be interested in some items. Without a cache, these items will be loaded from the database each time a visitor wants to see them. With a few lines of code, you can ask NHibernate to cache these items, and then enjoy the performance gain.
CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
Figure 1.2 With RS you can create various types of reports, including drilldown crosstab reports like this one.
When set to true, debugging mode is enabled on the web application. The default value is false. Sets the type of error page to use. The default value is On in SharePoint, which shows the SharePoint error page. When set to Off, it shows the default ASP .NET error page. If the value is RemoteOnly, then only local access to the site shows the ASP .NET default error page. Indicates whether the call stack of the error should be shown. The default value is false. To show the detailed error messages, this must be set to true.
Setup Cocos2d for Isometric Tilemaps
Our last step here is to deallocate the memory of all these actors in our play. Apple knows it has to deallocate the memory of various windows, and, for safety, it also performs a super-deallocation. Just accept it for now we re close to brain overload here. We need to deallocate the memory we are using for what Hmm. Have a guess. The one item to which we have been continually referring in this section The switchViewController Yes. Let s do it!
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