Designing the persistence layer in

Implementation ANSI/AIM Code 39 in Designing the persistence layer

Click the Continue button to bring up the What s new screen.
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Creating panels and controls
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that recursively invokes the base class initializer. If the base class initializer blindly creates a new subclass object, it will result in an infinite recursion loop. The Matrix class avoids this by having the -initWithAllocatedArray: rows:columns: method examine the class of the object being initialized (i.e., if ([self isMemberOfClass: [Matrix class]]) ). Only if it s the base class does it consider replacing the object with a subclass. When a subclass invokes the base class initializer, the base class initializer behaves normally. Another approach is to strategically organize your subclass initialization methods so that they don t recursively invoke the base class initializer that implements the class cluster.
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To sync your browser bookmarks, check the box next to Sync bookmarks with and adjust the pull-down menu to the web browser you use (see Figure 3 11). At this time, you can select only Internet Explorer or Safari. To sync your notes, check the box next to Sync notes with and select the software or service where your notes are stored.
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So, after implementing these three methods, you re now set up to handle the case that your application is called as the result of the user selecting the View button in a text alert or unlocking their phone immediately after receiving a text alert. But what about when your application receives a notification while it is already running To handle this case, you also need to implement the following method in the AppDelegate:
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Creating folders in iOS4 is intuitive and fun. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hold down an app until all the apps start shaking (as you did before in the Moving Icons section). Drag an app onto another like-functioning app. For example, drag one Game onto another Game or one Utility onto another Utility. The iPhone will initially create a name for the folder. In this example, I dragged one sports-related game onto another and it created a folder called Sports. Edit the folder name by touching the Name field and typing. I typed Sports Games as the name of this new folder. See Figure 7-4. Press the Home button to set the new folder name. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen and you will now see the new folder with the new name.
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You will see your contacts on the screen. You can either perform a search using the search bar at the top or just scroll through your contacts. Once you find the contact to which you would like to add the picture, touch the name.
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Using GUI Scripting
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[removeNDirComponent setStringValue:[param getValue: @"--cut-dirs="]]; [concatFilesTo setStringValue:[param getValue: @"--output-document="]]; if ([[param getValue:@"--timestamp"] isEqualToString:@"1"]) [noFilesUnlessNewerThanLocal setState:NSOnState]; else [noFilesUnlessNewerThanLocal setState:NSOffState]; // }
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// version with an array of object parameters public void Write(string label, params object[] args) { WriteString(label); foreach (object o in args) { WriteString(o.ToString()); } } void WriteString(string str) { // writes string to the port here Console.WriteLine("Port debug: {0}", str); } } class Test { public static void Main() { Port port = new Port(); port.Write("Single Test", "Port ok"); port.Write("Port Test: ", "a", "b", 12, 14.2); object[] arr = new object[4]; arr[0] = "The"; arr[1] = "answer"; arr[2] = "is"; arr[3] = 42; port.Write("What is the answer ", arr); } } The params keyword on the last parameter changes the way the compiler looks up functions. When it encounters a call to that function, it first checks to see if there s an exact match for the function. The first function call matches: public void Write(string, object arg) Similarly, the third function passes an object array, and it matches: public void Write(string label, params object[] args)
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Cross-platform SQL Server Compact Edition runtimes are available for a wide range of devices running the Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems on ARM, MIPS, and SH4 platforms. This is in addition to the traditional Windows operating system running on x86 CPUs found in your desktop or Tablet PC machine. Small The typical runtime size is 2 to 3 MB of disk space with less than 5 MB of RAM required although the exact requirements depend upon OS and processor type. Secure The contents of database files can be encrypted with 128-bit encryption that complies with industry standards such as RSA and AES. Data synchronization Mobility gives the freedom to work anywhere at the expense of making it harder to provide a consistent view across the enterprise. Although a local data store is useful, it typically needs to be synchronized back to a centralized server at some stage to ensure that all users share a common set of data. SQL Server Compact Edition supports merge replication and remote data access (RDA) synchronization technologies. Multi-user support Although there s no concept of database users or access roles, SQL Server Compact Edition supports multiple applications accessing one database file at the same time. The storage engine provides row- and pagelevel data locking, along with various isolation levels to help guarantee data integrity during concurrency. Familiar tools The database engine is integrated into familiar development tools such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio to give developers an experience as close to the full version of SQL Server as possible while promoting the reuse of existing techniques and knowledge. Simplified deployment As well as traditional CAB- and MSI-based installations that require administrative privileges, SQL Server Compact Edition supports XCOPYstyle deployment. You can include the database engine as part of your own setup and deploy it within your application folder. The underlying design goal is to provide a complete SQL relational database management system that allows the reuse of existing developer experience and training while being mindful of the resource constraints and runtime environment typical of smaller mobile and embedded systems.
The second removal method that XElement provides is RemoveContent, which lets you remove an entire section of an XML document. In Listing 3-26 all the content of the first role element is removed.
The target can also be a script object, usually your main script. (More advanced scripters may want to target other script objects as well; 19 explains how and why.) If you do not specify a particular target for a command, it will be targeted at the current script. Scripting addition commands and user-defined commands are usually sent to the current script, although they can also be sent to other applications if needed. The following example sends a beep command to the current script: beep I ll discuss just what happens to commands when they arrive at the current script a bit later in the chapter (see the More About Targets section). To make targeting commands easier, AppleScript provides the tell block statement, which you already met in 2. You can use a tell block to specify the default target for all the commands inside the block, which can be especially convenient when you want to direct several commands to the same location. In the following script, the target for the sleep command is the System Events application: tell application "System Events" sleep end tell Here, the commands activate, enable_logging, and start_next_job are being sent to an application named Job Manager: tell application "Job Manager" activate enable_logging() start_next_job() end tell
-(BBPoint)newParticlePosition { return BBPointMake(BBRandomFloat(emitVolumeXRange),BBRandomFloat(emitVolumeYRange),BBRandomFloa t(emitVolumeZRange)); }
Figure 11-2 depicts an aligned-style dimension.
Tools for troubleshooting and logging
Figure 8 2. Just one "" empty string after another Let s see what I mean by that cryptic comment. Go ahead and write the members from the previous sample like so, and click Run, verifying your work with Figure 8 3: var myStyle = document.getElementById("nike").style; myStyle.backgroundPosition = "-99px -108px"; myStyle.backgroundImage = "url(images/fuchsia.gif)"; myStyle.left = "200px"; = "30px";
According to Microsoft, portals are increasingly more common. Creating and maintaining a portal, however, represents a substantial technical challenge, which is why Microsoft released its integrated portal technologies (MIPT). MIPT is a group of common architectural elements that provide a comprehensive framework to meet business needs. Microsoft products and platforms address portal requirements through a layered architecture, provided by Microsoft Server 2003 and SQL Server. On top of the platform layer comes the Web application platform: developer tools and a rendering/application-integration framework. The Web application and base layers combined provide a platform on which any Web service can be built.
The choose folder command presents users with the Choose a Folder dialog box and allows them to choose a folder. The result is an alias value identifying that folder. If the user clicks Cancel, however, the User canceled error will be generated. Figure 12-32 shows the dialog box that the choose folder command generates. The following script shows the basic form of the choose folder command, without any parameters: choose folder
Figure 3 4. Seamlessly switching in the iPad s full view. Not a single line of code!
Table 11.1 One example of a data template
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