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Draw the image into a box of the determined size.
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private void tcPhotos_SelectedIndexChanged (object sender, System.EventArgs e) { UpdatePhotographs(); }
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*totalCount; //getter and setters *thread1Label; *thread2Label; *thread3Label; *thread4Label; *updatedByThread;
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Notes Ch. 17
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With these modifications, our edits are now saved. Compile and run to verify that the application works as advertised.
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Tom van Stiphout
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3. If you clicked Account, then you will need to select the Change account information link from the next screen. 4. Log in with your Apple ID and password (the one that caused the error above). 5. Most likely, your security question and answer or your birth month and date are blank. You need to add this information, type your password twice, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and then click the Continue button (see Figure 30 66).
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Once you log on to the Facebook web site from Safari , you will have the option to write What s on your mind and see your News Feed from your friends.
This is the namespace that you d use to get at the data. This means you don t need to understand in detail how SAP works, or how your tables are structured in the SQL database. Each entity is accessible and you can call methods that allow you to iterate through the data or load the data into a data table. This namespace is used in conjunction with the MetadataModel namespace, allowing you to call the methods that return the data from the entities. Listing 8.4 shows how to iterate through entities and return data. In chapter 9, we ll use this code to create an Ajax-style BDC Web Part.
We ve barely scratched the surface of all the concepts and corresponding API calls that exist in Amazon s API. Documentation is available at http://docs.amazonwebservices. com. APIs also cover these areas:
In this chapter, I ll cover a feature of JavaScript called inheritance, which is a very useful and powerful tool to acquire. It allows us to write much more ordered and efficient code, because it is a great way to organize your code into useful little lumps. I will cover the following four ways to approach inheritance, each of which has its own place in your programs: Classical Prototypal Deep copy Mixin
Script 11-2. Display dialog "How many times should I beep " default answer "5" Set beep_count to text returned of result as integer repeat beep_count times beep delay 1 end repeat The preceding script asks the user to enter a number and then executes a beep command the number of times dictated by the user. What happens is that the user s response (which comes as a string) is coerced into an integer. However, there s no verification to make sure the user doesn t cancel or enter a value that cannot be coerced into an integer.
. . . ThreadRead = New Thread(AddressOf ThreadReadMethod) ThreadRead.IsBackground = True ThreadRead.Name = "Reader" ThreadRead.Start() . . .
Within a list or library, there are lots of different field types that you can choose from, including Single Line of Text, Multiple Lines of Text, Date Time, and so forth. If you re using MOSS and have the Enterprise features enabled within your
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