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SQL Server Management Studio
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Initially, an MCMS administrator account must have Create, Edit, and Approve Pages privileges for all containers. The MCMS administrator is the only user who can log on through the Site Manager until other accounts are created. The MCMS administrator must log on to use the Database Configuration Application (DCA) to create or upload a database.
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Just like Pages and Numbers, Keynote comes with a Getting Started file to help you with some of the various features of the program. It is a very good idea to thumb through this guide before you start creating your own spreadsheets. NOTE: Unlike Pages and Numbers, Keynote works only in landscape mode since this is presentation software.
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Figure 4.5 The MSN Search and Google Search actions in the Title Field Edit Control Block menu
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in Listing 1-6 it transparently created a new class with two properties, one for each parameter (see Listing 1-7).
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Build your own index
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Figure 2 7. Save your file by using the indicated shortcut.
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dictionary] is equivalent to [[NSDictionary alloc] init] only when using garbage collection. In a traditional managed memory environment, these two are quite different. The former returns an autoreleased object while the latter returns a retained object. See 9 (on garbage collection) and 24 (on memory management) for a complete explanation.
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An unbroken chain of backups is required to recover to the point of failure.
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for(;;) { system("clear"); print "=======================\n"; print "My PIM\n"; print "=======================\n"; print "0. Edit preferences file\n"; print "1. Edit reminders\n"; print "2. Edit contacts\n"; print "3. Edit tasks\n"; print "4. Show tasks\n"; print "5. Generate calendar (ps)\n"; print "6. View calendar (txt)\n"; print "7. Print calendar's"; print "8. Show system cal\n"; print "9. Show today s reminders\n"; print "-------------------\n"; print "-1. Edit word list\n"; print "-2. Edit notebook\n"; print "-3. Edit quotes\n"; print "-4. View quotes\n"; print "=======================\n"; print "-> "; my $s = <STDIN>; chop($s); if ($s == 0) { system(getPrefVal("editor") . " " . $PREFS_FILE); } elsif ($s == 1) { system(getPrefVal("editor") . " ~/.reminders"); } #
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Notice that we ve declared two variables in this program. One way to declare multiple variables is the way we did here, separating the variables by a comma (,). There s no limit to the number of variables you can declare using this method. We could have declared these variables using two separate declaration lines:
Now it s time for us to fix some of the obvious problems with the GUI, and also satisfy the urge to dig deeper that any programmer has to feel (don t tell me you didn t) when too many things start to work magically with just a few button clicks. Go back to Interface Builder, and bring up the Bindings Inspector ( 4). While you re editing the GUI, it can be instructive to keep an eye on this Inspector, which will show you the bindings for each object you click on. Most of the bindings you ll see here are similar to the bindings you configured in 6; the one that differs the most is the binding for the Mythical Person Controller in the main nib window, through which the controller accesses model objects. In DungeonThing, the array controllers we created always had their Content Array bound to a property of our controller. If you click on the Mythical Person Controller, you ll see that here, instead of the Content Array, the array controller s Managed Object Context is bound to a property of our app s controller called managedObjectContext. The Managed Object Context is, as you may have guessed, an object that lets an array controller (or, for that matter, your own code) tap into a source of model objects (instances of NSManagedObject or a subclass) through Core Data. You ll see how our app controller provides this a little later, when we examine the controller code that was put in place automatically when we created this project. Now let s start working on the table view. We want to lose the Details column (it will typically contain a lot more text than the table view will show anyway), reorder the columns so that the numeric values are displayed side-by-side, and make the Depiction column show an image. Figure 7 7 shows what we re aiming for.
Figure 27-2. The Perform AppleScript script step in a FileMaker Pro script This script step is used to execute AppleScript code in the middle of a FileMaker Pro script. As you can see in Figure 27-2, you have two ways to perform AppleScripts from FileMaker Pro scripts. You can either specify a calculation, whose text result is a valid AppleScript script, or dictate the actual script text. If you choose to enter the native AppleScript code, FileMaker Pro will attempt to compile your script and check your syntax when you click the OK button. You will be able to exit the dialog box only if the script you entered compiles or if you cancel. Note that unlike other AppleScript editors, FileMaker Pro does not reformat your source code or colorize its keywords after it has been compiled. For instance, if you typed tell app "Finder" instead of tell application "Finder", that is the way your source code will remain. Don t worry, though; as long as you can click the OK button, you ll know it has been compiled correctly. In the case of calculated fields, FileMaker Pro compiles the script right before execution, since the script can change any time leading up to that point. You can use the Native AppleScript option when you want the database to execute the same script every time. The Calculated AppleScript option is great when you need the database to choose from a selection of prewritten scripts or generate the script s code on the fly; for example, you might want it to run a different script depending on what day of the week it is. I prefer to put all my scripts into calculation fields even the ones that could be typed into. That way, whenever I need to make manual changes to a script, I need to edit only a field in the database, rather than having to dig up the original FileMaker Pro script step each time. See the next section for a few tips regarding using calculation fields with Perform AppleScript script steps.
Listing 1
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You also need to ensure your view s userInteractionEnabled is set, as well as multipleTouchEnabled if appropriate. UIViews and most subclasses default to userInteractionEnabled, but multipleTouchEnabled is usually disabled. These four messages, plus the UIEvent class and the UITouch class, are the core of multitouch handling. The messages are pretty self-explanatory, but here s a quick note on the difference between touchesEnded and touchesCancelled: touches end when the user lifts a finger, but they re cancelled by the operating system itself, typically in response to asynchronous events such as incoming text messages or phone calls. A UITouch object represents a single finger in contact with the screen. It s created when a finger touches the screen, destroyed when the finger leaves it and, notably, is attached for its entire lifetime to a single UIView. The view the finger initially came into contact with is the only view that receives the touch events. This is why, for example, you can touch the slot machine style UIPickerView controls and drag your finger up and down across the entire screen height: the control captures the touch (see Figure 4-4). The UIEvent represents an entire gesture or sequence, encompassing up to five fingers. It s created when the first finger comes into contact with the screen (and you receive your first touchesBegan:withEvent:), containing that finger s UITouch, and it continues to exist with UITouches being added or removed as additional fingers come and go until all fingers are removed from the screen. Only then (after the final touchesEnded:withEvent: or touchesCancelled:withEvent: messages) is the UIEvent destroyed.
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