Implementing the business logic in visual C#

Insert Code 39 Full ASCII in visual C# Implementing the business logic

public class SlowWebPart : WebPart { protected override void CreateChildControls() { using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope("CreateChildControls")) { SlowMethod(); FastMethod(); } } private void SlowMethod() { using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope("SlowMethod")) { System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1200); } } private void FastMethod() { using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope("FastMethod")) { System.Threading.Thread.SpinWait(10); } } }
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Persistence and the layered architecture
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6.5.2 Creating test utility classes and methods
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It isn t possible to overload member access, member invocation (function calling), or the =, &&, ||, :, or new operators. This is for the sake of simplicity; although you can do interesting things with such overloadings, it greatly increases the difficulty of understanding the code, since you have to always remember that member invocation (for example) could be doing something special.1 The new operator can t be overloaded because the .NET runtime is responsible for managing memory, and in the C# idiom, new just means give me a new instance of. It s also not possible to overload the compound assignment operators (+=, *=, and so on), since they re always expanded to the simple operation and an assignment. This avoids cases where one is defined and the other isn t, or cases where (shudder) they re defined with different meanings.
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Mr. Incredible s 10-year-old son, Dashiell Dash Robert Parr, is a speedster like the Flash. He can probably run at the speed of light: 299,792,458 meters per second. JavaScript numbers may not contain commas, so the number literal for that would be 299792458. That s pretty ugly. Not to worry. Number wrappers provide the following three methods to convert a bloated number like 299792458 to a succinct string. Number.toExponential() Number.toFixed() Number.toPrecision() Double-clear Firebug, and let s call each of those in turn on 299792458. First, toExponential() converts a number to an exponential string. Optionally, you can indicate the number of decimal places by passing a number between 0 and 20. Try passing 2 and omitting the parameter, verifying your work with Figure 2 26: (299792458).toExponential(2); // "3.00e+8" (299792458).toExponential(); // "2.99792458e+8"
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Troubleshooting Kerberos Delegation
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When you have a list and you want to add an item to it at the end, you can do it in two ways. This is one way: set the_list to the_list & the_item This is the other way: set end of the_list to the_item Since adding items to a list usually happens multiple times inside a repeat loop, it is important to realize the implication of the method you choose. In the first way, adding items will take a bit more time since AppleScript needs to create a completely new list each time. The second method, where you tack on items to the end of the existing list, allows you to add items to a long list much more quickly, so you should favor this method.
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The instructions in the sidebars that follows will help you determine what specific version the operating system your Windows- or Mac-based computer is running. Determining Your Computer s Windows Operating System Follow these steps to determine which version of the Windows operating system your computer uses. 1. Click the Start button or the Windows logo in the lower left corner to bring up the Start menu. 2. Right-click Computer and select Properties from the pop-up menu. 3. You will then see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 26 44. Notice that this computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium and that the System Type is a 64-Bit Operating System. So in the case of the iTunes download page, you would select iTunes 9.1 for Windows (64-bit).
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CHAPTER 9: Developing an Application
To create a subclass of NSApplication, do the following: 1. 2. Define a subclass of NSApplication. Set the Principal Class (NSPrincipalClass) value in the application s Info.plist file to the name of the class created in step 1.
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#import "ColorBlendView.h"
Figure 6-14. A list and a record, each containing the same four values The list contains four items: the values "Bob", 24, true, and 55000. Each value is stored and retrieved according to its index (position) in the list. The record contains the same four values, only now each one is stored in a property. Each property consists of a label, which is an identifier, and the value. Each value is stored and retrieved using a reference to the property that contains it.
Using a Trap construct
CREATE THE VIEW MENU (continued) 2 Underneath the View menu, add an Image menu item.
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