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Index design and maintenance Clustered index (SSN)
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Figure 3-23. A UserForm with a TabStrip control
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In C++, there is no built-in mechanism for knowing if a variable is a certain type, making it difficult to safely downcast a variable from a base class (such as object) to a derived class (such as MenuItem). In C#, the is keyword provides a way to check that an object (such as the sender parameter) is in fact a specific type (in this case, a MenuItem instance).
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- (void)applicationWillResignActive:(UIApplication *)application { [[Director sharedDirector] pause]; } - (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application { [[Director sharedDirector] resume]; }
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The spUpdateRssFeed stored procedure, which uses the XMLHTTP component to invoke the Campaigner Web service
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Take, for instance, the Employee Sales Freeform report we created in chapter 4. This report shows sensitive data, such as salesperson performance, bonus, and commission. What if we want each salesperson to be restricted to seeing his own sales data without being able to request the report for other sales representatives Further, what if we want only the members of a certain Windows group, such as Sales Managers, to be able to see the sales data for the sales representatives of whom the manager is in charge In such cases, you will need to take extra steps to supplement the role-based security model or, in more extreme cases, to replace it altogether. Let s consider some practical security-related techniques you can use to provide a more granular level of security policy. 8.3.1 Filtering data The first approach involves filtering the sensitive data at the data source or by using dataset filters. Let s say we want to restrict a salesperson to view his sales performance data only when requesting the Employee Sales Freeform report. Let s assume also that the Employee table in the database defines a column for the user login ID, which is exactly the case with the Employee table in the AdventureWorks2000 database. It defines a LoginID column, which we can use to filter the available values for the Employee parameter. We saved the modified version of the report as Employee Sales Freeform Secured. In this report, we demonstrate data filtering at the data source. To implement this, we replaced the dataset query of the Employee parameter with the following statement:
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5.11 Ideas for on your own
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pop up as you drag near the spot you re looking for. The default width for this control is smaller than the default width for the NSTextFields above it, so it won t take up the same amount of horizontal space, but that s okay. Just make it line up with the left edge of the other controls. Now click on one of the labels you created earlier and make another copy of it by pressing D. Drag it down to line up with your date picker, and change the text to Last Seen: . Figure 4 4 shows what your window should look like now.
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The Image control is created with an ImageUrl property that s a concatenation of the relative URL to the site collection and the path to the image. Using the site collection relative URL ensures that the path to the image is correct on subsites. The SharePoint API has a utility class called SPUtility, which contains numerous utility and helper methods. When creating site collection- or site-relative URLs, you can use the tilde syntax in combination with the GetServerRelativeUrlFromPrefixedUrl method of the SPUtility class. The tilde syntax means that, instead of concatenating the URL as in listing 6.2, you can write the URL like this:
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Windows and Menus and Sheets
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You can verify this by running the following queries:
CHAPTER 3: Interface Builder
Query execution plan to return grouped, sorted sales data by date and product
Each of these scenarios has its advantages and disadvantages. Your decision will depend on usage and how you plan to deploy the solution.
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